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Inset Baths

Discover Beautiful Modern Bathtubs on Allure Bathrooms

Are you looking for a beautiful modern bathtub for your new bathroom? Discover some of the outstanding inset baths on Allure Bathrooms. We also offer a range of freestanding bathtubs for customers who like a little more freedom where bathroom design is concerned. Read on to find out more about inset and freestanding bathtubs!

The Difference Between Inset and Freestanding
The freestanding bathtub is usually chosen by customers who want to create a spa-like feeling in their bathroom. A freestanding bathtub is most suited for bathrooms with plenty of space, considering the fact that the bathtub will not stand against a wall or in the corner of a bathroom.

Compared to the freestanding bathtub, the inset bathtub can be a more affordable option. Contrary to a freestanding bathtub, an inset bathtub fits along the wall or in the corner of a bathroom, this is why this type of bathroom is best suited for bathrooms with a limited amount of space. That being said, inset baths can also provide you with a spa-like feeling, since some inset bathtubs can be incorporated into the floor of the bathroom.

The Plumbing of Your Bathtub
As you may have guessed, the plumbing for your new bathtub will depend heavily on the type of bathtub you choose. For example, if you choose a freestanding bathtub, the plumbing will have to be done in such a way so it can reach the centre of your bathroom, while an inset bathtub can usually be incorporated with the existing plumbing. If you only intend to replace your current bathtub with a modern version, then the inset bathtub will be the best choice for you. However, if you intend to give your bathroom a total makeover, a freestanding bath may be a better option.

Freestanding & Inset Baths on Allure Bathrooms
Allure Bathrooms has a large range of freestanding & inset baths to offer you. Each of these bathtubs are available for a sharp price and were made with the highest quality materials in the bathroom industry. Be sure to have a look at all the bathtubs we have available to get some inspiration for your new modern bathroom.

More Modern Bathroom Furniture
Bathtubs is not the only quality bathroom product you can find on Allure Bathrooms, because we also specialise in bathroom vanities. In our bathroom vanities collection, customers can find bathroom vanities in marble, MDF, toughened glass, quartz stone and much more, so there are suitable bathroom vanities available for any modern bathroom in Australia.

If you are giving your bathroom a complete overhaul, and need more than bathroom vanities and a new bathtub, you are still in the right place on Allure Bathrooms. Allure Bathrooms is Australia’s number one supplier of modern bathroom furniture, accessories, tapware, showers, toilets and bathtubs, so you can find everything you need in one place.

Customers can also visit one of our showrooms to get familiar with our entire range of modern bathroom products, or to speak to one of our experienced bathroom experts.