Planning, design and budget

Before you do anything do your research first. Jump online and visit local bathroom specialists to see what products are on offer in what colours, what is on trend and what matches your ideal bathroom look and feel.

Start thinking about your own design ideas and what you want to achieve with this bathroom renovation. Is it purely functional and practical, to create a sense of ambience and relaxation or are you after luxury? Develop a clear idea of what the bathroom will be used for and what your must have ‘luxe’ features will be. All these things will keep you true to what you really want out of your new bathroom. We recommend you choose at least one feature item to give your bathroom that luxe feel (consider a freestanding bath, feature taps or statement tiles).

Then decide on a budget and stick to it. Know what you need and what you don’t, what you can do and what you can't. What products will you need Vs those you desire, what aspects you can do yourself, and what trades will you need to hire in (eg. a plumber/electrician).


The key to a great bathroom reno is the layout so it is essential to get this right from the start. Take into consideration not only the bathroom’s functionality, practicality and flow but also the ambience you want to create in the space. Also consider what features are important to you such as natural light, a flow from the bedroom or hallway, a specific light fitting, or having clever storage spaces such as niches or mirrored wall cabinets.

Once you have all these in mind it is time to bring in the architect or builder to discuss what can be achieved and how all of the existing plumbing connections will work…can they be used or relocated to fit with your ultimate design? And what areas will you need to waterproof before installation even begins? Don’t forget to include your electrician in these discussions as they will be the ones that will rewire for any new lighting and power points needed.

Choosing the right products

Now that you have your layout ready it is time for the exciting part…shopping for your bathware items! So what do you need to consider…


As this is the item used the most each day this is an important one. Updating your shower from a dated screen or shower curtain, and removing the cumbersome large trays found in some older properties, has an instant impact on the overall look of your bathroom. The change to clear glass and modern design features open up the space - which is particularly important for small bathrooms and ensuites.

Here are some things to think about…

  • Cubicle and tray – for an enclosed shower consider the tray shape you will need (square, rectangle, pentagon etc.) and the size.
  • What type of frame do you want? - frameless, walk in, semi-framed. Tip: A clear shower screen with create a more spacious feel.
  • Or do you want a shower over the bath? This can be a great space-saver, but you will need to consider the long-term practicality of this option for your family
  • Shower head – waterfall, fixed, double head, massage - the choices are practically endless! Tip: consider the water restrictions in your area and what water pressure you prefer.
  • Visit your local showroom and chat to a bathroom specialist to learn about all the options that will fit your layout and wish list.


A bath can make a statement or can simply be a place for the kids to splash around in! If the bath is to be the centre piece, a freestanding design available in many shapes or sizes will certainly stand out; although it will require more space than other options! For a more practical and space saving option consider in-set/recessed varieties. One final tip….if you are in a double storey home be mindful of the weight the bath will put on the second floor and the practicality of having it installed!

Vanity and basins

When choosing your vanity and basin consider how many people use it at a time. If you and your partner are often getting ready together, a double vanity may be more ideal for your bathroom.

Space is also a huge factor in your final choice! Do you prefer cabinets or drawers or a combination of both? How will your products store in the new vanity and what space will you need for your items (ie towels, toilet rolls, toiletries, jewellery).

A wall-mounted vanity will leave you with space underneath to further show off the floor and create a sense of space. On the other hand, a floor standing vanity will provide that extra storage.

And finally, do you want the basins to become a feature or just serve their practical purpose? Stylish counter-top basin designs can offer the best of both world - looking modern, but also maximising the bench space where designs narrow at the base and flare to the top!

Fixtures and fittings

There is so much to consider for this part of your reno. You will need to choose towel rails, taps (free standing/mounted), toilet, toilet roll holder, shower drains, mirror/mirrored cabinet (for more storage space). And what material…stainless steel, gold, chrome and brass? And while all of these things need to serve their purpose, you still need to consider them as a whole and ensure they complement each other and your initial design idea.


Tiles are the final piece of the puzzle that will tie your whole design and desired ambience together, and therefore getting them right is crucial to the success of your renovation. When choosing your tiles go back to step 1 and review your design ideas and what truly inspires you. Consider your colour-scheme, size of the tiles, and the contrast between the floor and the wall.

Speak to your tiler about how do you want them to be laid….square, on an angle, with a feature border? The right decision can make your room look taller or wider - so consider the room dimensions and where you would like to add the illusion of space. A fun approach to your tiles is to use contrasting or textured tiles in different areas of the room to create space and unique focal points. The choices are endless but making the right decision is very important as this step will complete your entire design and final look and feel!


Lastly, the lighting. While you need enough light to be able to see clearly you may also want some sort of mood lighting for relaxation. If you want both of these then consider working with your electrician to set two types of lighting in the space - full task lights and dimmable mood lights. You could also have specific lighting installed around the vanity mirror! Other options to think about include….heat lamps if you live in a cold climate, ensuring your lighting is moisture proof, energy usage and how the lights will work with any natural illumination (e.g. skylights).

Follow these steps and tips and we guarantee your dream bathroom will come to life. Bathroom renovations are our passion so come and visit us in store any day of the week for a free consultation with one of our inspiring bathroom designers.