Cheap bathrooms can actually cost you a lot!


Getting a bathroom revamped is quite an expensive undertaking. But not everyone can afford to pay thousands of dollars on their bathrooms, which is why many people resort to cheap bathroom remodels to freshen up the place. While doing so may seem like an economical solution to an otherwise price problem, but it’s really not. Choosing cheap bathroom appliances or hiring inexperienced contractors to save money is only going to cost you big bucks in the long run.

If you have a small budget, try to save a little more money to expand it or go for smart ways, such as painting yourself, or only changing fixtures instead of entire appliances, to renovate your bathroom that will not bring down the quality of the place.

If you still think that going for cheap bathroom solutions is the best possible way to save money during a bathroom remodel, then here are three facts that will convince you otherwise.


Cheap Bathtubs will lose their spark before you know it.

A sturdy bathtub may cost you more than a cheap one, but it will last a lot longer as well. No matter how attractive, low-priced bathtubs may seem, they are never durable. They lose their sparkle in just a few weeks and are prone to fissures. Only a little pressure and they will crack. And once a bathtub is damaged, you will have to spend a substantial amount of money to fix it. In other words, the money you initially saved by opting cheap bathroom solutions will leave you ultimately.



Cheap Tiles Will Crack in the Blink of an Eye

You may think that we are exaggerating when we say cheap tiles break easily, but we are not. Cheap tiles can be pretty deceiving. They look beautiful and feel sturdy when you touch them, but once you lay them down, they start showing their true colours. At first, they lose their blinding lustre that attracted you in the first place. Next, they start cracking left and right.

And once your bathroom tiles break, you need to get them fixed immediately. Removing and replacing broken tiles can be a lot costly than regular good quality tiles. Therefore, don’t go for cheap options instead go for smart options (in which you may have to compromise a tiny bit on the looks but not on the quality of the product)


Cheap Vanities Don’t Last Long

Installing a large vanity is one of the most effective ways of blowing new life into a dingy bathroom. With that said, you can only reap the benefits of a vanity mirror for long if it’s good quality. A low-priced vanity mirror may seem elegant at first, but with time it will lose its shine and become drab. Not just that, it may even crack due to air pressure. Save yourself the trouble and financial burden of replacing a broken vanity by choosing the right one from the start. 

Although typically, cheap appliances don’t work well, especially if bought from an unreliable dealer. With that said, if you deal with a reliable supplier, you can get good quality material at reasonable prices. If you are looking for topnotch bathroom supplies at affordable rates, reach out to us at Allure Bathrooms and have all your bathroom troubles solved.