Get the Industrial Look

Creating a bathroom upgrade today can be somewhat of a challenge if you don’t know where to start. The key to the perfect bathroom upgrade is to basically mimic it into your own paradise. Make it a commitment to show your own style and flair in your bathroom to create your space of solitude and serenity.

If you want something efficiently practical yet still modern and creative, the industrial bathroom design will appeal to you. The industrial style came from a time where fortune less artists and immigrants looked for practical solutions, using what they already had for the least amount of refurbishment. This set the pace for the industrial design we know today. The industrial looks pay attention to basic aesthetic, without all the unnecessary glitter and glam while still making the best use of practical function. The look relies on its raw, rustic and simple elements like exposed piping and brick features.

An industrial bathroom doesn’t require you to break the bank on your renovation, as long as you understand the design concept and where it originated from, making use of what you have to create a beautiful versatile and smart bathroom. Let’s explore the major elements that go into making the perfect industrial bathroom.

  • TILES - This trend utilises cold tones like black and white tiles. This restrained colour palette can help the space look simple and modern, however, too much of the cold grey colour and it can become uninviting and miserable. For this reason, the space should be enhanced with wood & brick shades, this will not only incorporate warmth but texture as well. This added detail helps create a layered effect with the perfect modern twist mixing the cold palette hue with the original rustic vibe from the wooden or brick feature. With today’s vast selection of natural effect tiles they can be easily maintained while still giving the “real thing” look. To inject some sophistication, consider the herringbone tiling pattern with your wood-effect tiles, it will add some imagination to an understated design.

  • VANITY – Embrace the raw, rustic design with a balance of natural tones and texture. Finding the right vanity is effortless at Allure Bathrooms, we have the beautiful seamless Escape vanity which contrasts the traditional white base with a timber top, available in Victorian Ash, American Oak, Walnut & Blackwood. This stunning vanity will effectively become the eye-catching statement piece in your bathroom. The richness of the solid timber top will make your area more vivid and as it is a natural substance it will compliment the industrial look you are trying to achieve. The Escape Vanity is available in 900mm,1200mm and 1500mm with prices starting from $1099, your dream bathroom is not heavy on the pockets.

  • BATHTUB - Having a bathtub is the best way to establish your bathroom as your private paradise to relax, reclining in a beautiful warm bath and savouring in a renovation well done. This relaxing picture has led to designing a bathroom that focuses on creating an oasis which showcases an appealing bathtub piece as well as inspiring comfort. A freestanding bathtub is our pick here as it will take centre-stage and add to the industrial styling. To keep that flow of industrial look and feel we are inspired by the rawness of the Viva concrete poured or limestone freestanding bathtub from Kaskade Stone. The Egg-shaped and non-symmetrical curves are a very strong highlight in the freestanding baths which will enhance the look even further.
  • SHOWER – An industrial shower is simple. There are a few options available when trying to achieve a functional yet detailed element. Opting for a black framed shower screen is perfect for creating a bold industrial look which will help create a visually spacious, stylish bathroom. For those with a tight space a fixed panel with black wall channel will be appealing as it a good solution for small spaces while still giving you a visually striking look.
  • TAPWARE – Choosing your taps at the same time as deciding on your larger spec elements will ensure the desired look is complete. To introduce the industrial trend into your bathroom, why not incorporate a matte black colour theme subtly through your fixtures and fittings. For a softer industrial look, Allure Bathrooms our new VIBE Gunmetal range which gives the industrial trend a visually elegant theme due to the softer shade. This new colour range will also give your bathroom a point of difference and character rather than the matte black range that can become too mainstream. The Gunmetal tapware range is in a brushed finish which is versatile when it comes to dirty fingerprint marks as opposed to the matte and polished finishes, this will surely highlight the attention to detail of your industrial bathroom.
  • MIRRORS – A lot of industrial bathrooms are usually under-dressed. Choose a large mirror to adorn your space, your choice of fixture should comprise of matte black or brushed gun metal to add to the industrial look. Allure Bathrooms have a large round mirror with matte black frame fantastically priced at $249 which will complete your desired trend.
  • LIGHTING – Skylights are a creative way to access your sunlight if your location proves tricky. However, if you don’t have that luxury of a skylight, illuminate your space with some hanging wall pendants that have a natural texture, finding the right balance between natural textures and modern lighting is easy in today’s vast range of pendant lighting available. Pendant lights with visible wiring and recycled textures are our choice in this bathroom.
  • ACCESSORIES – The great thing about an industrial bathroom is you don’t necessarily need a lot of decoration or colour. With Wood/Timber being the hero texture of the industrial bathroom, we would recommend highlighting its raw beauty with elements such as timber shelving and crates, this will provide your bathroom with a warm vintage touch. The key to a successful industrial bathroom is also utilising recycled and restored items to have an antique effect finish. You can also bring life into your space with a pot plant, hanging vines in varying styles and textures with multiple positioning, this will take your design to the next level. Allure Bathrooms recommends checking out Greener House for all your household plants.

As your journey of the perfect bathroom continues, always have a plan, budget and style when you are about to embark on this new project. Start with the foundations, such as tiles for your walls, floors and choosing the right frame for your windows and doors. Leave your accessories until last as seeing your space in nearly completed state will give you clarity to decorate the room and choose what’s best for your overall design. Create a practical yet stylish living space which fosters calm and happiness by remaining connected to nature and the outdoors. Remember this bathroom should honour your peace and tranquillity. Explore our stores for inspiration and ideas, with our expert staff there to give you advice 7 days a week we can help take the fuss out of creating this on trend bathroom. We hope to see you in store to take this next step with you into the industrial realm.

By Jenny Luu - Allure Bathroom Design Consultant