These are the signs that it is time to renovate your bathroom

Sometimes you just know the bathroom needs to go.  Like if you bought your house in spite of the bathroom and you’re just eyeballing that bank balance until it reaches renovation-O’clock!


Many homeowners though, have conflicting feelings about renovating the bathroom. Should the master bedroom be prioritised? Maybe the bathroom is not so bad…


Below we’ve put together a list of signs to help you decide when you need to upgrade that bathroom.



  1. When no amount of Photo-shopping can fix those photos…


If you’re planning to sell your home, you want to make sure each room photographs well. If you cannot find a good angle to photograph your bathroom, this could be a key indicator that you need to renovate. Even if you’re not selling, taking a bunch of photos of your bathroom can really help you identify what you find most unappealing. Is it the 1980s avocado walls, the fur cover on the toilet seat or the outdated subway tiles?


Just like when you see a photo of yourself and you notice for the first time – ‘hey is that a double chin?’ Photographing your bathroom can really help you zoom in on those unsightly problem details and make you realise the value of renovating.



  1. When the space just isn’t working


Maybe your household has doubled or even quadrupled in size since you first moved in. If your bathroom was tiny to begin with, this could be a signal to renovate. Even if you cannot increase the surface area of your bathroom, (or separate the cistern from the rest of the bathroom) you can still find creative ways to pack your bathroom with storage space options that will look good. Simple things like a new vanity with a large surface area or, open-plan shelving can make a big difference.  


Other changes can also signal bathroom renovation time, like when family members need slip rails and other safety features installed. They may also need the cistern height raised and the bath/shower replaced with a large shower base.


  1. When you simply don't like the way it looks


As we mentioned above, sometimes you just hate your bathroom on first sight. Odds are if you dislike it then other people do too. This means, you can totally justify renovations on the grounds that you don’t want the next owners to experience what you have gone through!


Maybe your bathroom is too dark, or the colour scheme is a throwback to the 70’s (objectively agreed to be the worst decade for style). Or the fittings are horrendously out-dated and you can’t bring yourself to use the pearl pink sunken bath. Whatever the reasons, you can transform your bathroom space without it costing the earth, and renovations mean you’ll actually look forward to shower time!



  1. When it’s broken!


Let’s put it politely – maybe your current bathroom has had its day in the sun. If the tiles are cracked and the fixtures are falling off the walls that’s a clear sign you’re due a bathroom makeover. Not to mention, some older bathrooms can get an unpleasant smell about them perhaps from years of mould build-up or plumbing problems. In this case you definitely want a refresh. On the subject of plumbing problems, if you suspect a leak you’ll want to investigate. If the plumbing was put in 50 years ago there’s always the risk of a serious leak or burst. This could mean a totally flooded bathroom and, it would force your hand in terms of a complete renovation, perhaps not at a time of your choosing! 


If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom get in touch with us today to discuss ideas and possibilities.