The Classic Bathroom

Its always a tough decision to decide which style of bathroom you want for your home. With so many styles out there today, it can somewhat be confusing to make that correct choice. Getting the bathroom wrong may bring the value of your home down. The bathroom being the second most valuable rooms in most homes as to the kitchen being the first, its important to get this right.

At Allure Bathrooms we have all the styles that would suit any home, from traditional styled homes to more modern and contemporary, there's always one that will suit. With so many victoria homes in Melbourne undergoing renovations, we thought be worthwhile to explore the options available for a perfect Victorian classic bathroom.

Tips for a perfect Victorian Classic Bathroom

  • Tile style and colours - white small square tiles on the walls, pattern tiles on the floor. The small tiles on the wall give a great clean feel with a lot of depth and makes for an amazing classic Victorian feel. Other options are to even leave half the top wall plain plastered wall with a splash of white paint, and tiling only the bottom half also is a great idea. Even navy blue walls or dark grey give a nice texture for a classic modern look. Remember you can be creative, the days of using tiles for entire bathrooms or colour only are gone. Don't be afraid to even use a mixture of half painted walls, half tiles, and even another style floor tile! The options are endless, but just make sure the colour scheme keeps to the classic theme. Another great idea is the use of architraves on walls! This is a perfect way to capture the classic Victorian feel that sures to look amazing. Marble is also a good choice, can't go wrong with marble.

The Classic Bathroom Colors and Style

Give a classic look to your bathrooms

  • The Vanity - With so many vanities available in all different shapes and colours it's sometimes confusing to choose the one that best suits you. Being the classic style tends to be rich and thick with the use of tiles and architraves, keep the vanity simple is highly recommended. The style tends to be busy as is, so keeping things simple with the vanity tends to work. White in colour with the use of marble tops or white ceramic tops tends to be the way to go. With plenty of draws and storage with the use of again some architraved doors and drawer is always a bonus that will surely compliment to the classic feel. Remember to keep your door knobs or draw handles matching to the tapware to maintain the theme. Allure has an amazing classic vanity that comes in 900, 1200 and 1500 and entry price starting at $899.00 its sure to suit any classic style bathroom.

Classic Marble Top Double Bowl Freestanding Vanity

  • Mirrors and lighting - Getting mirrors right in a classic bathroom is important. Framed white mirrors, classic gold framed or even plain bevel edge are good choices. Can either be Round or square or even a unique classic shape tend to work a treat. Keeping the mirrors to match the tapware is a good choice to keep the flow and theme going. Don't forget to add some lights on one or both sides of the vanity if possible. These give an amazing effect to the classic style. Use the same colors as the tapware.

Mirror and Lighting in a classic bathroom

Traditional Home

  • Tapware - classic style bathroom without the matching tapware. Keep the colour and style matching to the mirrors and lighting is key. Example if you're selecting a classic brass tap for your vanity, then also choose a brass finish to your side lights next to your mirror and even consider choosing a mirror with a matching frame colour. These are things to keep in mind to make sure the Victorian classic theme is not lost. Chrome, brass or gold be the choice of colours. Also keep in mind Classic means ROUND. Anything that is round and has soft curves tend to work beautifully. There are the traditional safe bet styles that are actually marked as classic tapware, but if you keep it round, you won’t go wrong.

Elegant look tapware in classic bathroom

Tapware for classic bathrooms

  • Bathtubs - classic shape bathtub is really important. The bathtub is such a large piece and choosing the wrong one can effect the end feel to any bathroom. A rule of thumb is anything that is round tends to work the best with classic bathrooms. Square tends to give a modern feel where as round gives a softer feel which is more suited for classic. If the bath is a drop in bath then consider using same wall tiles to match and keep the theme going. Using a freestanding bath with claw feets would give a strong traditional feel of classic, where as a round freestanding that is closed (can't see under neath the bath) would also give a classic feel but with a modern touch.

Classic look bathrooms with bathtub and accessories

Tapware, Bathtub, and Vanities in a classic bathroom

In summary, the classic is a soft but rich style. The use of everything round as oppose to square is the key point. Don't be afraid to use colours but make sure the colours match with the essential colours. Marble, gold, white, brass, add in architraves where you can and what you will have is surely a beautiful timeless victorian bathroom that will last for years to come.

By Jenny Luu - Allure Bathroom Design Consultant