How a vanity can make all the difference in bringing out your bathroom’s best features

When we’re gearing up to recreate our bathrooms or take on a new renovation project, it’s easy to forget about the little bits and pieces that aren’t usually at the top of our priority lists. For example, a vanity can actually dramatically affect the overall look of your space, and can create a significant impact on the end-result. So, if these have such a big influence on your end-result, what exactly should you keep an eye out for when you’re beginning this journey?

Consider wall-mounted or floor-mounted options

These days, wall-hung options are highly popular, mostly because of their contemporary flexibility. With lots of the floor area of a bathroom being highly visible, wall mounting a vanity can actually make the space look even larger – a pretty nifty benefit if things are looking a little crowded.

When eyes are drawn to the actual width of the vanity, rather than its height, you’re able to create the perception that there’s a lot more space than what there really is. However, if you’re looking for more storage, those sitting on the floor are usually a wiser choice, as they enable you to place cabinets above. When making a decision on what style you need, make sure you keep each of these factors in mind.

Think about what kind of sink you desire

As the interior design space evolves, so too do the designs and concepts around fittings and basins. Walking into showrooms and display homes, you’re likely to see basins that sit on top of vanities, rather than into them. This adds a sculptured look to your design and is perfect for spaces that need more ‘wow factor’

If you’re not looking for a statement piece built-in basins are your best bet; this way you won’t be drawn any extra attention that you may not want.

Remember those around you

If you’re the kind of household that has a high amount of bathroom traffic going on, remember that double sinks can make for the perfect solution. When the morning rush is in action, instead of having to argue over who gets to use the vanity and sink first, enjoy the convenience of a double basin. Perfect.

Incorporate contrast and warmth

Sometimes bathrooms have a bad habit of looking a little too ‘cold’ or clinical. To combat this, include a vanity that features warmth or stark contrasts through a timber look or similar tones. This adds an extra element of sophistication to your space and will stop the area from feeling too white and bland.

Let us show you how to find the right vanity for your space

If you’re not sure where to start, Allure Bathrooms has a range of vanities available across four Melbourne showrooms. Backed by our experts, our collection delivers you top-tier options that are specifically designed to suit your budget and brief.

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