When should I renovate my bathroom?

Renovating your bathroom is one of the nicest things you can do to give your house new life. Simply replacing your vanity or shower can significantly improve the design and feel of your bathroom. However, a renovation does not always require entirely demolishing your bathroom. Of course, you have the option to start over by tearing everything out, but even small upgrades can make a big difference.

So, when should you renovate your bathroom? Here are some obvious signs that indicate that your bathroom needs a makeover:

A Crammed Layout is a Good Sign for a Bathroom Renovation

Every time you use your bathroom, the crammed and minimal bathroom layout might make you hate being in there. It can be incredibly frustrating to open the bathroom door and immediately be face to face with a toilet or the bathtub. This is because you have a crammed layout and it’s time to make a few changes.

Even if you are unable to change the available space, there is probably something you can do to make the area more useful. Something as easy as changing bathtubs for showers could transform the entire room. Plus, moving a few things around to make more room can make a big difference.

Time to Renovate your Bathroom if you are Still Rocking the Outdated Décor

The antiquated appearance of the bathroom accessories, decor and colours of your bathroom is one indication that a bathroom remodel is required. Perhaps the trends have shifted and your bathroom looks outdated and old. Whatever the reason, the first indication that a complete bathroom makeover may be required is if you don’t like the current shades of colours in your bathroom.

Out with the Outdated Fixtures

If the bathroom fixtures, such as the vanity, tub, toilet, shelves, lights, etc. look rusty and outdated, it is time to replace them. Smaller improvements like new tiling or fixture replacements can transform your bathroom and make it go from ‘eh’ to ‘wow!’

Need more Bathroom Storage space

A bathroom that is cluttered or unorganised is never going to look good. Your day will undoubtedly get off to a bad start if you can't find your toothbrush in the morning rush. If your bathroom is constantly disorganized and cluttered, you need to have better storage options. Clear up your bathroom and get rid of the clutter before you start any remodelling. Consider an alternative design or try to come up with creative ways to store items as there are plenty of bathroom storage products available.

Damage (Humidity, Smell, Leaks, etc.)

A bathroom makeover is necessary if parts of your bathroom are leaking or if the stench of mildew is overpowering. You will have to take quick action if mould and mildew have started to form to avoid health issues. Anything that is unattractive or mouldy shouldn't be salvaged and needs to be replaced right away.

It is recommended to update a bathroom every four to five years. You might get tired of the way your bathroom looks and feels, various fixtures start to have issues, and the colours might become outdated after a few years. There is no fixed timeline for bathroom renovations. You can always renovate sooner if you want to sell your house or if your fixtures need to be updated.