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Bath Screens

Bath Screens

Factors to Consider When Buying and Installing Bath Screens

Are you looking for expert advice on buying bathroom vanities, specifically bath screens? Do you want to build a new house or remodel certain rooms of your Melbourne house?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you have come to the right place. At Allure Bathrooms, we have helped many customers achieve the features of their dream home.

You could be the next one to benefit from our long-running expertise on bathroom vanities and bath screens. Our advice, “Do not underestimate the building or remodelling project even if you think it is small. Instead, follow our professional recommendations before installing your bathroom fixtures, appliances and accessories.


Setting a budget for your bathroom vanities helps you create an idea of the general costs of purchases and labour. It is prudent to approach different stores of bathroom fixtures and compare prices. When possible, obtain written quotes from prospective vendors.

Ask yourself, “How much money am I ready to pump into the project?” The cost of remodelling will depend on the size of the room, quality and function of fixtures, materials installed therein and other personal needs. For example, our Oracle Wall-Faced Toilet goes for $788 while the Ventnor Wall-Faced Toilet costs $299 only.

Evidently, at Allure Bathrooms, you can find high quality bathroom vanities that fit your pocket. Note, invest in high end and luxurious varieties if you are after a sophisticated lifestyle. Generally, the budget can be as low as $3,000 and as high as $100,000.

Bathroom remodelling budgets depend on how many fixtures you want to install at a time. Also, the age of your house and fixtures already installed therein, have an impact on the cost of the remodelling. Repairing an old bathroom may cost you significantly more than equipping a bathroom in a relatively new house.

But whatever your case, at Allure Bathrooms, we have got your back. Come into one of our Melbourne showrooms today, and our experts will help you determine what will work best for your home and pocket.


How much time do you want to allocate your bathroom remodelling project? Do not assume that the installation of a few fixtures will only take a few days. Any reputable contractor will follow the typical procedures when installing all bathroom vanities. Custom-made vanities usually need more time to design and install than their standard counterparts.

If you want to enjoy comfort in your bathroom in just a few days, find this at Allure Bathrooms. We recommend toilets, cabinets, sinks and taps that will require minimal labour. This way, you obtain a functional bathroom at the lowest possible price. An example is our Alaska 900 Wall Mount Vanity.

Alternatively, invest in custom-made fixtures if you are not in a hurry. We have a number of personalized options for bathroom vanities that need meticulous installation. An example is the Alaska Stone 1500 Wall Mount Vanity.


Some people are very particular about the fixtures that go into their house. If you are one of them, invest in a range of luxurious bathroom vanities from Allure Bathrooms. For example, purchase a modern double-flash toilet to save your bathroom’s water usage and ultimately save your monthly bills.

Additionally, some homeowners want the highest value for their bathroom fixture to increase the overall value of the house. If you hope to rent or sell your house in future, installing high quality bathroom fixtures is prudent.

In fact, most of our toilets receive a 4-5 star ratings from Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards for their effectiveness. Examples are Torina Wall Faced Toilet Suite and Bella Wall Faced Toilet Suite.

We recommend the luxurious Angelique 1465 Builder’s Spa Bathtub with 6 jets of water and an automatic heat pump. While it goes for relative more than basic model, it brings luxury and comfort to your bathroom. Alternatively, invest in the freestanding Mintori Spa Contour Bathtub with 14 jets; high price but quality product.

Needs of Family Members

If you are unmarried, for example, your bathroom needs are likely to be different from those of a family with five children. While your fixtures may be basic, the bathroom of the aforementioned family may need additional features for the children’s ease of use and safety.

If your household has elderly or disabled persons, consider their needs as well. For example, we recommend the installation of a toilet with a foot pedal for flushing. More importantly, talk to our customer service desk and specify the needs of your family members. We will be happy to recommend models of bathroom vanities to suit different users.

Rounded basins and sinks may be safer for children and the elderly to use than their square or sharp-edged counterparts. Additionally, use functional filters to prevent soap and other particles in the bathroom from blocking the wastewater drain.


Space is usually an important consideration for many homeowners. With decreasing space in housing units especially in urban areas, the space allocated for the bathroom is usually limited. Luckily, you can still enjoy comfort and convenience, thanks to our space-efficient bathroom vanities.

For example, buy our Torina Wall Faced Toilet Suite that measures 790mm x 670mm x 370 mm. As it saves you space, it makes a user’s sitting and standing comfortable. Let us recommend toilets, showers, bathtubs and other bathroom vanities that offer proper access to people using wheelchairs.

Buy the Allure Bathrooms Alaska 1200 Wall Mount Vanity cabinet that is mounted on the wall and raised from the ground. Use the extra space under the cabinet to store bathroom accessories such as pails and soap dishes.

Personal Tastes

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in your house, yet it plays the most important roles-personal hygiene and grooming. As different family members have different tastes, consider building the room and fitting it with bathroom vanities for different users.

Men usually have fewer needs than women. Buy and install fixtures for men and have them share a bathroom separate from the women. Women may need more space to keep their clothing, grooming accessories and personal supplies.

At the same time, consider colours, designs and finishing that will appeal to most people. Find all these at Allure Bathrooms. Whether you are shopping online or at our physical stores, make the most use of our customer support staff for valuable recommendations.