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Shower & Bath Mixers

Shower & Bath Mixers

Get Superior Mix Taps on Allure Bathrooms!

Customers who have been looking for an excellent shower mixer do not have to look any further. Allure Bathrooms has a superior range of shower mixers, suitable for modern and contemporary bathrooms. No matter your particular style preferences, you will find something you love in the mix taps range of Allure Bathrooms.

Showing 28 products

Showing 28 products

What Are the Benefits of Your Shower Mixers?
Tapware has evolved considerably over the past twenty years. Temperature control used to be a real problem, given the fact that tapware was not as advanced a good twenty years ago. However, tapware has evolved considerably and is now a lot more advanced and precise.

When you take a look at the range of shower mixers on Allure Bathrooms, you will notice that there are different mechanisms and manners to control the temperature of the water. Our shower mixers can be supplied with a pin handle, square handle, round handle and more. Each of these shower mixers will work in a modern or contemporary bathroom, so all you need to do is choose your favourite.

What Shower Mixer Would You Recommend for a Household with Children?
The shower mixers on Allure Bathrooms are perfectly safe for children, although there are some shower mixers that are recommended for households with young children.

One of the safest shower mixers for a household with young children is the Round 40mm Shower Mixer. The Round 40mm Shower Mixer has no sharp edges and is easy to operate. Since children tend to hurt themselves on the sharp edges of a shower, this round shower mixer will not provide that problem.

Our Round 40mm Shower Mixer is also suitable for customers with mobility problems. The person in question will not need an excessive amount of force to move the shower mixer. The shower mixer is quite compact in size as well, which means it is a good choice for walk-in showers.

What Finishes Are Used for the Allure Bathrooms Shower Mixers?
The main finishes used for the Allure Bathrooms shower mixers is the chrome finish and the matte black finish. These finishes are quite popular for modern and contemporary bathrooms and can be combined with a wide range of bathroom furniture and other bathroom accessories.

Customers who intend to use dark colours for their new bathroom should choose one of the shower mixers with the matte black finish. However, if you intend to use dark tiles, it may be advised to go for one of the chrome shower mixers to create some contrast in your bathroom.

For white and other colour bathrooms, we recommend one of our chrome shower mixers. Chrome is a finish that works with every type of colour and style, so if you do not know what kind of style you are going for yet, one of our chrome shower mixers will do.

Can You Recommend Bathroom Vanities to Match My Mix Tap?
Looking for bathroom vanities that will match the style of the shower mixer you have chosen? Head over to the range of bathroom vanities on Allure Bathrooms and choose your favourite.

Customers who choose one of the shower mixers with a matte black finish should choose one of our darker bathroom vanities. For example, customers who choose the black, round pin shower mixer could go for one of our Bliss Bathroom Vanities or Black Nova Bathroom Vanities.

When you choose one of the chrome shower mixers, you can choose any of our bathroom vanities, considering chrome matches any style or colour. However, the bathroom vanity must also match the style of other bathroom furniture, so do not forget to look at them as well before you choose a bathroom vanity from our range.

How Do I Install My Shower Mixer?
The installation of a brand-new shower mixer is preferably executed by a licensed professional. However, the shower mixers on Allure Bathrooms are quite straightforward to install, so the professional will not need a lot of time to get your shower mixer up and running.

How Do I Order a Shower Mixer from Allure Bathrooms?
Ordering a shower mixer from Allure Bathrooms is easy. Simply click on the “add to cart” button, which is displayed underneath the image of the shower mixer. Customers can also click on the “details” button, which will take you to the product description page. On the product description page, customers will find more information about the shower mixer in question, this way customers are fully informed about the product they intend to purchase.