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Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted

Get A Modern Styled Bathroom with Wall Mounted Taps

When you want a modern bathroom, your tapware will need to reflect the modern style you are attempting to create. For modern or contemporary bathrooms, it is recommended to go for wall mounted tapware, since wall mounted tapware is minimalist and does not make your bathroom look cluttered.

Showing 12 products

Showing 12 products

What Wall Mounted Taps Can I Acquire from Allure Bathrooms?
Our wall mounted tapware is pretty diverse. Customers can acquire wall mounted tapware for the bath, shower, sink and even spa, so there is plenty to choose from. The wall mounted tapware on Allure Bathrooms can come with a beautiful chrome finish, but also with one of the latest matte black finishes that look amazing in modern bathrooms.

All the wall mounted tapware on Allure Bathrooms is simple and easy to install. Even though we recommend getting a professional to install your tapware, customers with sufficient knowledge and plumbing know-how will be able to install the wall mounted tapware without much trouble.

Can I Get Other Tapware On Allure Bathrooms?
Wall mounted tapware is just one of the many types of tapware customers can acquire from Allure Bathrooms. Customers can acquire the basic basin mixer with chrome finish, free standing bath mixers and so much more.

To get a better idea of all the tapware available on Allure Bathrooms, please head over to the tapware category to discover all the tapware options we can offer you.

What Tapware Is Right for My Bathroom?
The tapware you choose can depend on many different denominators. Style and personal taste usually play the biggest role in choice of tapware, but there can also be an additional denominator that affects your choice – accessibility.

Customers who have mobility problems and need easy access to their shower or sink, may need tapware that is easy to use. Fortunately, there are many suitable tapware choices for people with reduced mobility on Allure Bathrooms. If you need some additional advice on these products, feel free to call one of our bathroom specialists.

What Other Modern Bathroom Products Can I Get from Allure Bathrooms?
Customers can count on Allure Bathrooms for tapware, but also for beautiful bathroom vanities. Allure Bathrooms provides customers with a beautiful range of modern bathroom vanities, which includes bathroom vanities in modern materials such as glass and quartz.

For a full overview of our bathroom vanities, please head over to the vanities subcategory under the products tab. Each of our bathroom vanities also comes in various sizes, so you will definitely find bathroom vanities that are suitable for your bathroom.

Of course, customers can obtain more bathroom products from Allure Bathrooms. One of these additional products is toilets. Customers who need a toilet that will last a lifetime should definitely have a look at our toilet range, because the Allure Bathrooms toilets are built to last.

In our toilets range, customers can choose between built-in toilets and freestanding toilets. Each of the toilets in our range has a modern or contemporary design, so it will be no problem to incorporate your new toilet in your modern bathroom.

There are many more bathroom products to take advantage of on Allure Bathrooms aside from toilets, tapware and bathroom vanities. Some additional products on Allure Bathrooms are bathtubs, shower screens, accessories and bathroom wastes. For a full overview of everything Allure Bathrooms has to offer, please click on the products tab on top of this page.

How to Maintain Allure Bathrooms Products?
Maintaining the bathroom products from Allure Bathrooms is incredibly easy. It does not matter if you have purchased a new toilet, bathroom vanity or bathroom waste from Allure Bathrooms, because the rules for maintenance are quite similar.

All Allure Bathrooms products are made from the strongest and most durable bathroom materials. Because of this, customers can use aggressive cleaning products on the majority of the Allure Bathrooms toilets, bathroom vanities, shower screens, tapware and more.

The materials used in the Allure Bathrooms products are also used for their resistance to staining and discolouration. If you have struggled with discolouration or staining in your bathroom before, Allure Bathrooms products will seriously cut down on your maintenance time.

For a more detailed overview of the maintenance of a specific Allure Bathrooms product, please select the product you are interested in and read through the product description. For additional information, please contact the Allure Bathrooms team.