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How to Choose Showers, Enclosures and Showerheads

With the right showerheads in your home, you will have the joy of providing your body with the pampering it needs before you step out of the house, and when you come back in the evening, you will have the joy of unwinding under a luxurious shower.

Showing 2 products

Showing 2 products

Choosing the right showers, fixtures, bathroom vanities and accessories is the secret to a comfortable lifestyle. At Allure Bathrooms, we have numerous options to cater for individual’s preferences. Take advantage of our vast collection of shower options, especially if you are remodeling your bathroom or building a new house.

Buying Shower Enclosures
At Allure Bathrooms, we stock a vast variety of shower enclosures to suit the needs of different users. Just determine the space of your bathroom, and we will recommend the right enclosure.

While some of our enclosures are square, some are rectangular and some are D-shaped. Alternatively, purchase quadrant and pentagonal enclosures to fit perfectly in irregular-shaped bathrooms.

The 1200SD Fameless Shower Screen is perhaps the most popular at our store. Just as its name suggests, it is a glass shower enclosure with no frames. We recommend this one for anyone who needs a modern feel in the bathroom.

Since these are constructed for use in 5-star hotels, installing one will transform your bathroom to give you the comfort you need when bathing. Its smooth glass is easy to clean and maintain. Unlike other enclosures, this one does not attract dirt or stains. Its other features include-
 The glass screen does not conceal other adorable bathroom vanities and accessories.
 The material is a 10mm-thick glass that has been reinforced for extra strength and durability.
 It substitutes plain, dull or unattractive shower curtains effectively.

We recommend the Fully Frameless Walk in Shower Screen for bathrooms with large spaces. This is because it accentuates other bathroom vanities such as cabinets and shelves. It is therefore ideal for hotel rooms and other commercial establishments.

As the walk-in shower enclosure is approved by the Australian Standard, you can rest assured that it will last long in your bathroom. It comes with a channel and two brackets for stress-free installation. Transportation is easy because it has been packaged in cardboard materials. Take advantage of the following features too.
 The enclosure is safe for children, as the glass surface and edges have been polished.
 It protects your bathroom vanities and the floor from messy water spatters and spillages.
 The door-less and frameless feature discourages the accumulation of dirt and grime.

Buying showerheads
There are usually three different types of showerheads, with each having adjustable water intensity and spray patterns. Since each serve different purposes, it is wise to know the functions and designs of all of them.

After that, we will recommend the one that actually meets your shower needs. Rain showers are large heads that spray straight down at the user, just as the name suggests. Single-head showerheads are perhaps the most common in residential places and commercial buildings.

Handheld showerheads have a flexible hose at the end of which is a single head sprayer. These are ideal for people who want to concentrate the water in certain body areas. We advocate these for people who are disabled, who have limited movement and those who prefer taking a shower while seated.

Body sprays are showerheads with numerous nozzles from which water flows. You will need an expert plumber to carefully integrate these in your existing bathroom plumbing. As long as your home has enough water pressure, you can enjoy the luxury of multiple body spray nozzles.

There are usually numerous nozzles that spray water in similar patterns. We recommend the SHOROS02 Round Shower Head ABS, as you can easily switch from a concentrated spray to a wide area spray.

At Allure Bathrooms, we recommend the SHOMIX04 Wide Square 35mm Shower Diverter, as it functions efficiently with modern and conventional bathrooms. Choose this if your bathroom has enough space. Otherwise, users with limited space can utilize the Thin Square Shower Diverter and still enjoy the same efficiency. The following are important features.
 The diverter has a shiny chrome finish to emphasize your bathroom vanities.
 It is made of chrome construction to last long in your bathroom.
 The diverter distributes water efficiently to different showerheads as you may require.

Bath Mixers
Bath mixers are simply the devices in your shower that mix hot and cold water to arrive at desirable temperatures. Manual shower mixers are adjusted manually, depending on the needs of particular users. While these are easy to install and use, you need to have separate sources of cold and hot water.

On the other hand, a thermostatic mixer keeps water at your desired temperature constantly. These are recommended in homesteads with young children and senior citizens. Since you can control the temperatures better, you prevent scalding more effectively.

Additionally, the temperature is not affected by water use in other parts of your home such as kitchen and gardening. Allure Bathrooms stocks various bath mixers and shower accessories.

We recommend the Black Round Pin Handle Shower Mixer, as it controls the water temperature excellently. Children can operate the shower, as the ergonomic pin level needs little effort to operate. A simple movement should help you arrive at the most desirable water temperature.

Shower accessories
When you install the right shower accessories, your bathroom uses water efficiently. This in turn causes the water bills to decrease. More importantly, the correct features help you to avoid accidents such as scalding, tripping and falling.

We advise you to install the BATSET01 3 Pcs Bath Set. Just like our bathroom vanities, the bath set is compatible with most bathroom plumbing. Installing the set of three pieces helps with water efficiency.

If you have been experiencing damaged or worn out accessories, install these, as they are made of chrome construction and polished finishing. In addition, these transform the aesthetic feel of your bathroom, giving you more value.

We recommend a careful analysis of the shower options available at Allure Bathrooms. You can shop at our online store or visit our physical showrooms in Collingwood and Dandenong. Whichever platform you use, let our qualified customer care representatives offer their expert opinion.