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Modern Bathrooms at the Lowest Prices


Discover Bathroom Vanities of Outstanding Quality

When you need new bathroom vanities for your bathroom, there is only one place where you can get bathroom vanities of the finest quality – Allure Bathrooms. At Allure Bathrooms, you can find the best modern bathroom vanities Australia has to offer, so let us discover some of the benefits you can expect from buying your bathroom vanities at Allure Bathrooms.

Showing 1-50 of 124 products

Showing 1-50 of 124 products

Modern Materials for a Modern Bathroom
The bathroom vanities on Allure Bathrooms are made from superior materials, including toughened glass and quartz stone. These materials work really well in a modern bathroom and give bathroom vanities outstanding strength and incredible durability.

Toughened glass is a material that can be found in a variety of bathroom furniture and accessories. It falls under the category of safety class, which has been subjected to a series of thermal and chemical treatments. The thermal and chemical treatments make the glass a lot stronger than normal glass, subsequently providing protection against common types of damage.

In addition to its use in bathroom vanities, toughened glass is also used in the automobile industry, building industry and mobile devices. The strength of this glass is unmatched, which makes it very suitable as a countertop for a bathroom vanity.

Quartz stone is also a popular choice for our modern bathroom vanities. Quartz is an engineered stone that provides the appearance of natural stone, but the benefits of a manmade stone. Because of its strength, quartz stone is not only used as a countertop for bathroom vanities, but also as a countertop for kitchen units.

Easy Maintenance
One of the biggest benefits of obtaining a bathroom vanity from Allure Bathrooms is the easy maintenance that accompanies each of our vanities. The materials used to create the vanities are not only chosen for their strength and durability benefits, they are also chosen because they are easy to clean and maintain.

If you have been struggling to keep your bathroom vanity clean, one of the vanities from Allure Bathrooms will certainly reduce the time needed to maintain your bathroom. Most of the countertops can be cleaned with a simple sweep of a damp cloth, so you can say goodbye to scrubbing!

The materials used in the modern vanities of Allure Bathrooms can also withstand strong cleaning products. Some materials, such as granite or marble, cannot be cleaned with strong chemicals, considering these chemicals could damage the materials. This is not a problem with materials such as toughened glass and quartz stone, which are used in the modern vanities of Allure Bathrooms.

Wall Mounted or Freestanding
When you look at the catalogue of Allure Bathrooms, you will notice we offer both freestanding and wall mounted vanities. Having the choice between wall mounted and freestanding vanities, you have a lot more freedom where the interior design of your bathroom is concerned.

The wall mounted and freestanding vanities are available in a variety of sizes, so you can easily obtain a wall mounted bathroom vanity for a small bathroom, medium bathroom or large bathroom. Depending on the size, you can also enjoy some additional features such as additional built-in sinks and modern tapware.

Sizes for All Bathrooms
No bathroom is the same. In order to get the perfect bathroom vanity, you will need a bathroom vanity that matches the style of your bathroom, but also a vanity that has the right size. Bathroom vanities that are too large will only take up room in a small bathroom, so having a compact modern bathroom vanity can be the perfect solution.

On Allure Bathrooms, customers can find bathroom vanities in a variety of sizes. Each model of bathroom vanity comes in different sizes and provide similar benefits. That being said, the larger bathroom vanities tend to come with more storage space.

Smart Storage Space
The vanities of Allure Bathrooms are not only beautiful; they are very functional as well. Each bathroom vanity has plenty of storage space, whether you get one of the smaller vanities or one of the bigger vanities.

All the drawers in the Allure Bathrooms vanities are equipped with so-called BLU Motion technology. BLU Motion technology prevents the drawers from slamming shut, so this technology is able to prevent common types of damage. The BLU Motion technology especially comes in handy when you have a household with children, who tend to slam the drawers shut quite frequently. If the drawers of your bathroom have been damaged because of this in the past, a bathroom vanity from Allure Bathroom will be a good idea.

Affordable Prices Throughout Our Catalogue
Whether you need vanities or other bathroom products, the prices at Allure Bathrooms are more than reasonable. Allure Bathrooms aims to provide customers with the best quality products, no matter where they are in Australia. These quality vanities and other bathroom products are offered for sharp prices, which means everyone can enjoy the luxury of a quality bathroom vanity.

Wide Range of Colours and Finishes
The vanities of Allure Bathrooms are available in many different colours and finishes, so customers can easily find something that matches their personal style preferences. Whether you prefer a gloss or matte finish, the large collection of vanities on Allure Bathrooms certainly has a bathroom vanity that matches your vision.

Delivered On Your Doorstep
Customers do not have to come to the Allure Bathrooms showroom to pick up their bathroom vanity, because we can deliver the vanity right to your doorstep. Allure Bathrooms provides a professional delivery service and guarantees the safety of your bathroom vanity during transport.

Of course, customers are more than free to visit one of the Allure Bathrooms showrooms before they place an order. When you visit one of our showrooms in Mitcham, Dandenong or Collingwood, you can get familiar with our range of vanities as well as the other bathroom products that are offered online.

The Allure Bathrooms showrooms can be visited during the weekend as well, so you do not have to take any time off work to choose your new bathroom. Be sure to take advantage of our experts and our quality products for your next bathroom renovation!

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