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Renovate Your Bathroom Alaska Style with our Luxurious Alaska Bathroom Vanities!

Choosing the right bathroom vanity for your bathroom can be a challenge, especially when you consider how many different bathroom vanities you can find on the market nowadays. If you have been browsing bathroom vanities, and find it difficult to make a decision, we can recommend our Alaska Bathroom Vanities, which have the ability to transform your bathroom into a modern paradise.

Modern Bathroom Vanities for Small, Medium and Large Bathrooms
The Alaska bathroom vanities are available in different sizes, so you can easily find a bathroom vanity that will fit in your bathroom. If you have a reasonably small bathroom, the last thing you want is a bathroom vanity that takes up all your available space. For that reason, you can obtain the Alaska bathroom vanities in model 900, which will fit perfectly in any small bathroom.

Customers with bigger bathrooms do not have to look elsewhere either, because the Alaska bathroom vanities also come in models 1200 and 1500. These two variants are perfect for medium and large bathrooms, and provide customers with the additional storage space they always wanted.

Available in Quartz Stone and Toughened Glass
The Alaska bathroom vanities on Allure Bathrooms can be obtained with a quartz stone or toughened glass benchtop. Each of these materials has its own set of benefits, so it can be a good idea to look at the product details of each bathroom vanity to discover which Alaska bathroom vanity is best for your bathroom.

Quartz stone is a manmade stone that is incredibly strong and durable, and even though this stone is manmade, quartz stone still looks like natural stone. When you love natural stones such as granite or marble, quartz stone will be the perfect benchtop material for you.

Contrary to granite and marble, quartz stone is incredibly strong and can withstand common types of damage. You can also clean quartz stone with aggressive cleaning products, because the stone is less susceptible to the chemicals in these cleaning products than normal natural stone such as granite or marble.

Toughened glass is just as strong as quartz stone, but it gives a whole different look to your bathroom. Glass benchtops are mainly recommended for small bathrooms, considering the fact that the glass creates the illusion of space by adding an extra dimension to the room. That being said, glass benchtops can still be used on bathroom vanities for large bathrooms, since it gives your bathroom an air of luxury and sophistication.

Vanities with a Tremendous Amount of Storage Space
When you compare the Alaska vanities with other bathroom vanities, you will notice that the Alaska vanities have a tremendous amount of storage space. If you always run out of storage space in your bathroom, an Alaska vanity will provide you with the storage space you need.

All the Alaska vanities are made with handled drawers, which makes it easier for you to quickly access your bathroom products and/or towels. Still, many people are hesitant to obtain a bathroom vanity with drawers, considering the drawers are the first thing to get damaged on a bathroom vanity.

With the Alaska vanity, you do not have to worry about damage to the drawers, since each of the drawers on the Alaska vanities is equipped with soft closing runners. The soft closing runners on the drawers will prevent the drawers from slamming shut, subsequently preventing damage to your bathroom vanity.

Compatible with 90s Styled Bathrooms
Many people want to give their bathroom a makeover, but they do not want to change everything in their bathroom. Changing your entire bathroom can cost a considerable amount of money, so most people are only going to change a few things to get the modern look they want.

One of the benefits of our Alaska vanities is versatility. If your bathroom has an interior dating back to the 90s, it will be no problem to incorporate one of our Alaska vanities into its design. However, if you want to give your bathroom a total makeover, the Alaska vanity is still going to provide that modern feeling in your bathroom and complement your modern bath, shower and accessories. In conclusion, the Alaska bathroom vanity works in outdated bathrooms as well as new bathrooms.

Alaska Vanities Are Easy to Maintain
No matter which Alaska vanity you choose from our catalogue, the bathroom vanity in question is always going to be easy to maintain. Both benchtop materials, quartz stone and toughened glass, are stain resistant and can be cleaned with a simple, lint-free cloth.

The Alaska bathroom vanity was designed to avoid dirt accumulation. The density of the material avoids the build-up of dirt in the bathroom vanity, but also makes it easy to remove any stains from the surface. There are also no small holes or creases where dirt can accumulate, subsequently making it easier for you to keep your bathroom vanity maintained.

Given the fact that the Alaska bathroom vanity is wall mounted, you do not have to worry about dirt accumulation along the bottom of your bathroom vanity. If you want to clean your floor, you can easily go underneath your bathroom vanity. Say goodbye to dust and dirt around the bottom of your vanity, because this is no longer a danger with the Alaska wall mount vanity!

Optional Mirrors, Mixers and Pop-Up Drainers
The success song of our Alaska vanities can be even sweeter, because customers get the opportunity to obtain an Alaska bathroom vanity with an additional mirror, bathroom mixer and dedicated pop-up drainers. Optional extras are available for all vanities on Allure Bathrooms for a small additional cost. The benefit of these optional extras is that you do not have to look for any additional tapware or accessories and that you can finish the look you want to achieve right away.

Customers who want to install different tapware on their Alaska bathroom vanity are not obligated to obtain the optional extras. For example, if you currently have some antique tapware that is quite valuable, you can keep the tapware and install it with the Alaska bathroom vanity.