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Alaska Glass

Add Some Sophistication to Your Bathroom with Our Alaska Glass Bathroom Vanities!

When you are looking for some bathroom vanities that can add luxury and sophistication to your bathroom, we can certainly recommend one of our Alaska Glass Bathroom Vanities. The Alaska Glass Bathroom Vanities are strong, durable and beautiful. In short, all the qualities you need to transform your bathroom into a modern gem.

What Material Was Used to Create the Alaska Glass Bathroom Vanities?
The Alaska Glass Bathroom Vanities are made of medium-density fibreboard, better known under the abbreviation MDF. Medium-density fibreboard is made from hardwood and softwood residuals, which are converted into strong wood fibres. These wood fibres are then combined with a wax and resin binder. Then, they are converted into panels by subjecting the wood fibres to high temperatures and pressure.

A material such as medium-density fibreboard has a tremendous amount of benefits, especially when you compare it to other popular wood types. First of all, medium-density fibreboard is the best substrate for veneers; this fact ensures that bathroom vanities made from medium-density fibreboard look absolutely amazing.

Bathroom vanities made of medium-density fibreboard tend to be more affordable than bathroom vanities made from other woods, considering the fact that fibreboard is made from hardwood and softwood residuals, so no new source of wood is needed. The use of hardwood and softwood residuals also makes medium-density fibreboard an environmentally-friendly material.

When compared to normal wood, medium-density fibreboard will not expand or contract like normal wood tends to do. Thanks to its density and stable dimensions, medium-density fibreboard has no tendency to split, shapes well and is very consistent where strength and durability are concerned.

In conclusion, one of our Alaska Glass Bathroom Vanities is a smart investment for your bathroom. The strength and the durability of the medium-density fibreboard guarantees your bathroom vanities will last for many years to come, so why not replace your old bathroom vanities with one of these Alaska Glass Bathroom Vanities?

What Material Was Used for the Benchtop?
The Alaska Glass Vanities have a benchtop made of toughened glass. Toughened glass, better known under the name tempered glass, is created by a series of thermal and/or chemical treatments. These treatments increase the strength of the glass and make the glass a lot more durable, especially when you compare it to normal glass.

When glass gets tempered, compression is put on the outer layers of the glass and tension is placed on the inner layers of the glass. If toughened glass should break for one reason or the other, it will crumble into granular chunks, instead of splintering. However, breaking toughened glass is incredibly difficult to do.

Due to the many benefits of toughened glass, it is often used in other applications. In addition to benchtops, you can also find toughened glass in car windows, shower doors, glass tables, screen protectors, bulletproof glass and even diving masks.

What Material Was Used for the Handles?
The handles of the Alaska Glass Vanities are made from polished chrome. Polished chrome is a popular material for vanities, not only because of its beautiful appearance, but also because of its advantages.

First of all, chrome is a durable material that can last for many years. Because of its durability, it is often used for handles and tapware; this to make sure that the product in question stays beautiful for more than ten years. Polished chrome is also easy to maintain, since you only need a lint-free cloth to give polished chrome that trademarked shine.

How Durable Is the Alaska Glass Bathroom Vanity as a Whole?
The materials used to create the Alaska Glass Vanities certainly contribute to their durability, but the thickness of both materials make these vanities extra strong.

For the benchtop, the manufacturers used 15 mm of white toughened glass. A thickness of 15 mm makes it a lot more difficult to dent the benchtop, subsequently making the surface of your bathroom vanity very durable and hard to damage.

The thickness of the medium-density fibreboard amounts to 18 mm. Even though the thickness of the fibreboards makes the bathroom vanity a little heavier, the thickness of the medium-density fibreboards also ensures extra durability.

Our Alaska Glass Vanities have soft closing runners on the drawers as well, which can prevent the drawers of your bathroom vanity from slamming shut. Thanks to the soft closing runners on the inside of the drawers, your drawers will always close slowly, no matter how hard you attempt to close them.

How Much Storage Space Does an Alaska Glass Vanity Have?
The Alaska Glass Vanity has ample storage space, no matter if you have a small or medium bathroom. In order to get the storage space that fits the size of your bathroom, you can choose Alaska Glass Vanities in various sizes. For large bathrooms, we can recommend the Alaska 1500 Wall Mount vanity. However, for small bathrooms, we can recommend the Alaska 900 Wall Mount Vanity.

When you compare the various models of Alaska Glass Vanities, you will notice that the amount of storage space does depend on the size of the bathroom vanity. The Alaska 900 Wall Mount Vanity has one large drawer where customers can store their bathroom products or towels, while the Alaska 1500 Wall Mount Vanity has eight drawers.

Can I Obtain Any Extras with My Alaska Glass Vanity?
Customers who choose one of our Alaska Glass Vanities can obtain a few extras as well. It is possible to obtain the accompanying mirror, tapware and pop-up drainers, so you do not have to worry about purchasing matching accessories.

Even though you can purchase extras such as tapware, mirrors and pop-up drainers, customers are not obligated to do so. Many people have valuable tapware they do not want to get rid of, but rather incorporate it into their new bathroom vanity. For that reason, Allure Bathrooms offers the accompanying tapware, mirror and pop-up drainers as an additional option.

Of course, you are not obligated to choose the tapware provided with our Alaska Glass Vanity, because we have more tapware available in our catalogue. To see more options for the Alaska Glass Vanity, be sure to have a look at our tapware collection.