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Alaska Stone

Choose Durability with the Alaska Stone Bathroom Vanities

Has durability always been a problem for the bathroom vanities in your bathroom? Does your bathroom vanity always get damaged, no matter how much you try to avoid it? Say goodbye to short-lasting bathroom vanities, since our Alaska Stone Bathroom Vanities are some of the most durable bathroom vanities on the market! Want to find out more? Discover all you need to know about Allure Bathrooms’ Alaska Stone Bathroom Vanities below!

What Is the Main Material Used in Alaska Stone Bathroom Vanities?
The main material used to create the Alaska Stone Bathroom Vanities is medium-density fibreboard or MDF. Medium-density fibreboard is an environmentally-friendly material made from hardwood and softwood residuals, delivering a bathroom vanity material unmatched in strength and durability.

During the production process, hardwood and softwood is combined with a dedicated wax and a resin binder. Once this mixture is complete, the mix is subjected to extremely high temperatures and pressure, resulting in the medium-density fibreboard that is much stronger and denser than the basic particle board.

Medium-density fibreboard is mainly manufactured in Australia and New Zealand, considering the fact that many of these fibreboards are created with parts of the radiata pine tree. Because of the local production of these fibreboards, we are able to offer our bathroom vanities for very affordable prices.

What Are the Benefits of Medium-Density Fibreboards?
The medium-density fibreboard offers many benefits for the manufacturer, but also for customers looking to buy durable bathroom vanities. Medium-density fibreboard is a dense material, but is still easily processed during the manufacturing process.

One of the biggest advantages for most customers is that medium-density fibreboard is a lot more affordable than other types of wood. This gives customers the ability to save money on their bathroom renovation, and gives them the funds to spend more on other bathroom products.

Medium-density fibreboard is also easy to paint or stain, which means that customers will find many different styles at their bathroom supplier. The majority of woods are difficult to decorate, and the ones that have been decorated tend to go for an incredibly high price. Medium-density fibreboard takes care of both problems instantly.

What Material Was Used for the Benchtop of the Alaska Stone Bathroom Vanity?
The Alaska Stone Bathroom Vanity has a benchtop made of quartz stone. Quartz stone is a popular material for both bathrooms and kitchens, considering the strength and durability of the material.

What Are the Benefits of Quartz Stone Benchtops?
Quartz stone has plenty of benefits to offer, especially when used as a benchtop or countertop in your kitchen or bathroom. Quartz benchtops are quite new compared to other stone benchtops, but the benefits of this material are undeniable.

Contrary to most stone materials, quartz stone is manmade. Because of the fact it is created by man, manufacturers can deliver this stone in many different colours. While the range of colours for stones such as granite or marble is quite limited, the colour range of quartz stone is much more diverse.

When you compare quartz stone to other durable benchtop materials, you will notice that quartz stone is just as durable as granite and concrete. However, the material can actually withstand a lot more, since it is less hard than granite or concrete. Because of the reduced hardness of the material, quartz stone is less likely to crack or chip, a problem that often occurs with materials such as granite.

Quartz stone is also more resistant to stains than most other benchtop materials. If you spill some toothpaste on your benchtop, the surface will not be affected. Also, quartz stone is more hygienic than most other materials. Because of its non-porous nature, quartz will not harbour any bacteria. Given the fact that hygiene is very important in a bathroom, quartz is basically the perfect material to have for your benchtop surfaces.

Is There a Downside to Quartz Stone?
After careful consideration, we would have to say no. Quartz stone is an engineered stone; this has enabled the manufacturer to eliminate all the disadvantages of natural stone, but incorporate its benefits as well.

The only downside of quartz stone, if you could call it that, is that it is quite a contemporary material. If you have an old-fashioned bathroom, quartz stone will not look as good. That being said, customers who come to Allure Bathrooms are all looking for modern and contemporary bathroom vanities, which means that the contemporary look of quartz stone is actually a great benefit to them.

Will the Alaska Stone Bathroom Vanity Work in My Bathroom?
The versatility of the Alaska Stone Bathroom Vanity makes this bathroom vanity suitable for the majority of bathrooms. The Alaska Stone Bathroom Vanity works perfectly in a contemporary or modern bathroom, but will also complement a 90s styled bathroom. If you wish to give your 90s styled bathroom a minor update, the Alaska Stone Bathroom Vanity will be perfect!

Can I Obtain Tapware for the Alaska Stone Bathroom Vanity?
Customers who are interested in purchasing additional tapware for this bathroom vanity can easily obtain it by selecting optional extras for your chosen Alaska Stone Bathroom Vanity. The optional extras will add a small additional cost to the purchase price of your bathroom vanity, but you will get all the matching mixers and pop-up drainers, as well as a beautiful mirror.

If you do not like the tapware coming with the Alaska Stone Bathroom Vanity, you can find more tapware options on the Allure Bathrooms website. Our catalogue has many different styles of tapware, so you can easily find something that matches your preference. You can also visit one of our showrooms and discover our tapware and vanities collections in real life.

Can I Get the Alaska Stone Bathroom Vanity Delivered?
The Alaska Stone Bathroom Vanity can be delivered on your doorstep, so you do not have to pick your new bathroom vanity up yourself. Allure Bathrooms has selected an experienced delivery service that will make sure your bathroom vanity arrives in perfect condition. In conclusion, when you order a bathroom vanity from Allure Bathrooms, we take care of everything from A to Z.