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Get Your Bathroom a Modern Upgrade with Our Bliss Vanities

When you want to modernise your bathroom, we can certainly recommend one of our Bliss Bathroom Vanities. Our Bliss Bathroom Vanities are made of the finest materials and have a beautiful high gloss finish. With one of our Bliss Bathroom Vanities, your bathroom is going to be the centre of class and sophistication.

What Materials Were Used for the Creation of the Bliss Bathroom Vanities?
The Bliss Bathroom Vanities on Allure Bathrooms are made of medium-density fibreboard and black toughened glass, two materials that can transform your bathroom into a modern paradise. In addition to their beautiful appearance, medium-density fibreboard and black toughened glass have many benefits; this gives customers even more reasons to obtain one of our Bliss Bathroom Vanities.

What Are the Benefits of the Bliss Bathroom Vanities?
The benefits of the Bliss Bathroom Vanities are delivered by the materials used in the creation of the bathroom vanities, more specifically medium-density fibreboard and black toughened glass.

Toughened glass is a great material for bathroom vanities, because it has the ability to give your bathroom an extra dimension. Glass tends to reflect light, subsequently creating an illusion of space. If you currently have a small bathroom, one of our Bliss Bathroom Vanities will be able to create more space in your bathroom.

Black toughened glass is also less susceptible to stains than other materials, but still keeps the price of your bathroom vanity affordable. To keep a benchtop in toughened glass clean, you only need a damp, lint-free cloth, so you can say goodbye to scrubbing your benchtops when you get a Bliss Bathroom Vanity.

Medium-density fibreboard also provides many benefits to the Bliss Bathroom Vanity. Medium-density fibreboard is made from hardwood and softwood residuals, making this material better for the environment. These materials are also placed under a tremendous amount of pressure and a high temperature during the production process, leading to a material that is incredibly strong and durable.

A bathroom vanity in medium-density fibreboard is easy to paint and stain, subsequently giving customers access to a great variety of vanities in many different colours and styles. The Bliss Bathroom Vanity is just one example of how medium-density fibreboard can be transformed into a modern gem.

Is the Bliss Bathroom Vanity More Durable Than the Average Bathroom Vanity?
The Bliss Bathroom Vanity is definitely more durable than the average bathroom vanity, not only because of the materials used, but also because of some additional technologies that have been implemented in the bathroom vanity.

Each Bliss Bathroom Vanity has drawers with soft closing runners. Because of these soft closing runners, it is impossible to slam the drawers shut. Instead, the drawers will close slowly, subsequently preventing any damage to the internal structure.

The combination of technology and high-quality materials ensures that a Bliss Bathroom Vanity is going to last for many years to come. If you are tired of getting bathroom vanities that only last a couple of years, be sure to take advantage of the Bliss Bathroom Vanity on Allure Bathrooms.

Do You Have Any Tips on How to Incorporate the Bliss Bathroom Vanity in My Bathroom?
A black, high-gloss bathroom vanity can certainly be described as modern. For that reason, customers can easily experiment with the style and colours in their bathroom when they obtain a Bliss Bathroom Vanity.

The first recommendation we could make is the use of white tiles or brick in combination with the Bliss Bathroom Vanity. White tiles on their own are quite traditional, but when combined with dark bathroom vanities, they create a modern atmosphere that transforms your bathroom in its entirety.

Before you choose a Bliss Bathroom Vanity from our catalogue, it is a good idea to consider the size carefully. A bathroom vanity that is too large for your bathroom could actually make your bathroom look smaller, so it is important to choose the right size. When you are renovating your bathroom, it is wise to plan ahead and take measurements of the location where your new bathroom vanity is going to be placed.

Is It Possible to Obtain a Similar Bathroom Vanity without the Handles?
Not everyone likes a bathroom vanity with visible handles, so there are some additional options available in the Allure Bathrooms catalogue. If you do not want visible handles on your black bathroom vanity, we can recommend one of the Black Nova Vanities.

The Black Nova Vanity does not have any visible handles, but has the handle incorporated into the design. The bathroom vanity has the same high-gloss finish as the Bliss Bathroom Vanity and is also made with black toughened glass.

When you look at the Nova Bathroom Vanity, you will notice you can also obtain this bathroom vanity in white. Depending on the style you wish to create in your bathroom, either of these two vanities could work.

Which Tapware Should I Use with the Bliss Bathroom Vanity?
The tapware for the Bliss Bathroom Vanity has already been selected by the Allure Bathrooms team, so you can easily obtain it by selecting the optional extras on your order. When you choose the optional extras, you will also get the matching mirror and the pop-up drainers, so you do not have to look for your accessories after you have obtained your Bliss Bathroom Vanity.

Of course, you are not obligated to obtain the optional extras with your Bliss Bathroom Vanity. Allure Bathrooms has a large selection of bathroom mixers, each with its own set of benefits. If you do not like the bathroom mixers that come with the Bliss Bathroom Vanity, you can easily pick another bathroom mixer from our tapware collection.

Some customers may prefer to keep their old tapware and incorporate it into their new Bliss Bathroom Vanity; this is also an option, so you do not have to buy any additional tapware for this bathroom vanity if you wish to use your old tapware. At the end of the day, you will base your decision on your own preferences.