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Modern with a Traditional Touch – The Classic Bathroom Vanities

Not everyone is a fan of ultra-modern bathroom vanities. For that reason, Allure Bathrooms offers Classic Bathroom Vanities that can be considered as modern. If you like the warmth of the traditional style, but still want to give your bathroom the necessary upgrade, the Classic Bathroom Vanities will be perfect!

What Material Was Used for the Cupboards of the Classic Bathroom Vanities?
For the cupboards of the Classic Bathroom Vanities, the manufacturer chose medium-density fibreboard. Medium-density fibreboard is a strong and durable material made of hardwood and softwood residuals. These residuals are combined with wax and resin, and then subjected to high temperatures and pressure. The end result? A high-quality material that is affordable and durable.

What Material Was Used for the Basin of the Classic Bathroom Vanities?
The basin of the Classic Bathroom Vanities is made of ceramic. Ceramic is a material with a lot of benefits, especially when used in a bathroom.

Ceramic is a material that is incredibly strong, mainly because of the hardness of the material. Because of its durability, ceramic is also quite resistant to wear and to abrasions. These qualities are definitely necessary, considering how frequently a basin is used over the course of the day.

Another big benefit of ceramic materials is their resistance to corrosion. It can also withstand extreme temperatures, so you do not have to worry if you leave the warm water tap open for too long. At the end of the day, ceramic is one of the most beneficial materials for basins in bathroom vanities.

What Material Was Used for the Benchtop of the Classic Bathroom Vanities?
The benchtop of the Classic Bathroom Vanity consists of a material that everyone would like to have in their bathroom – pure marble! Marble does not only look great in your bathroom; it also adds a lot more value to your home. If you intend to renovate a bathroom in a home with the intend to sell it, marble benchtops are definitely a good choice.

How Do I Maintain a Marble Benchtop?
Marble is a material that you cannot clean with an average cleaning product, because aggressive cleaning products could damage the surface. Still, there are many methods you could use to clean your marble benchtop and they do not have to cost you a lot of money!

First of all, you can clean any persistent stains on your marble benchtop by using some baking soda and water. Try to avoid any cleaning products containing acids or vinegar, since this will destroy the internal compound of marble.

It is also important to remove stains from your marble benchtop as soon as they appear. If the stains are not removed, the substance might actually soak in the marble. Marble can be a beautiful material, but it does require a little more maintenance than quartz or granite. That being said, if you do not mind paying a little extra attention to your bathroom vanity, you can get the bathroom of your dreams!

When you have a marble benchtop, it can be a good idea to purchase a good sealer to protect your marble benchtop. These sealers are widely available in DIY stores, so you will not have much problems finding a good sealer for the benchtop of your new bathroom vanity.

If you do not like the idea of the extra maintenance involved with a marble benchtop, you can find similar bathroom vanities on Allure Bathrooms that have a benchtop in a different material. Customers who wish to avoid extra maintenance should choose one of our vanities with a quartz benchtop, considering this engineered stone is very resistant to stains and can handle most aggressive cleaning products.

How Much Storage Space Is Available for the Classic Bathroom Vanity?
The amount of storage space you get from the Classic Bathroom Vanity will depend on the size of the bathroom vanity. The Classic Bathroom Vanity is available in three models: the 900, 1200 and 1500. Our 900 Classic Bathroom Vanity is most suited for small bathrooms. The 1200 Classic Bathroom Vanity is best suited for medium bathrooms, while the 1500 Classic Bathroom Vanity is best suited for large bathrooms.

Our 900 Classic Bathroom Vanity has enough storage space for small bathrooms with one cupboard and one drawer. The 1200 Classic Bathroom Vanity has additional storage space with two drawers and two cupboards. However, the largest amount of storage space can be obtained from our 1500 Classic Bathroom Vanity, which has two drawers, two cupboards and a dedication section in the middle for bathroom towels.

How Can I Obtain the Bathroom Mixers for the Classic Bathroom Vanity?
When you order a Classic Bathroom Vanity from Allure Bathrooms, you get the opportunity to order the accompanying bathroom mixers, mirror and pop-up drainers by selecting the optional extras in your shopping cart. The optional extras are available for a small additional cost and eliminate the need to go looking for matching accessories for your Classic Bathroom Vanity.

However, there is a possibility you want to use different bathroom mixers on the Classic Bathroom Vanity. It is possible you want to use your old tapware, or maybe you want to choose a different style of bathroom mixer. This is also an option; simply incorporate the tapware you have into your new Classic Bathroom Vanity or obtain a new bathroom mixer from the Allure Bathrooms catalogue.

Allure Bathrooms has many additional bathroom products in their catalogue, so you can come to Allure Bathrooms for more than only vanities. In addition to our large range of vanities, you can also come to Allure Bathrooms for tapware, toilets, showers, bathtubs and all kinds of bathroom accessories.

All products from Allure Bathrooms can be delivered on your doorstep, no matter where you are in Australia. If you want to take advantage of our modern bathroom products and experience the quality of Allure Bathrooms for yourself, be sure to order your bathroom online today! Of course, you are more than welcome to visit one of our showrooms and view our collection in real life!