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Make Your Modern Bathroom More Functional with Our Envy Bathroom Vanities!

Our Envy Bathroom Vanities are the true gems of our bathroom vanities collection. Find out more about our Envy Bathroom Vanities by reading our information below and explore all available options for your modern bathroom!

What Material Was Used for the Benchtop of the Envy Bathroom Vanities?
The Envy Bathroom Vanities have a benchtop made from white Caesar Stone, one of the highest quality materials in the world of bathroom vanities. The white Caesar Stone add class and sophistication to your bathroom vanity, but also adds value to your home in general.

What Are the Benefits of Caesar Stone?
Caesar Stone is quartz stone with numerous benefits. When it comes down to bathroom surfaces, Caesar Stone is going to be the best material out there. According to comparative tests executed by independent researchers, Caesar Stone is scratch resistant, stain resistant, crack resistant, heat and burn resistant, resistant to chemicals, and resistant to mould and mildew.

In addition to being resistant to common damage denominators, Caesar Stone requires little maintenance. The material does not absorb stains, nor does it hold onto them. Benchtops made from Caesar Stone also have great colour consistency and are immune to freeze and thaw.

When compared to marble and granite, Caesar Stone has higher flexural strength and higher impact resistance. At the end of the day, you cannot get a stronger material for your benchtop than Caesar Stone.

What Material Was Used for the Cupboards and Drawers of the Envy Bathroom Vanities?
Our Envy Bathroom Vanities are made from medium-density fibreboard, also known under the abbreviation MDF. Medium-density fibreboard is made from wood residuals and considerably stronger than other types of manufactured wood.

What Benefits Can Medium-Density Fibreboard Deliver?
Medium-density fibreboard is an affordable material, considering it uses wood residuals instead of new raw materials. Because of this fact, Allure Bathrooms is able to provide bathroom vanities in medium-density fibreboard for a very attractive price.

MDF does not have any wood grains either, which makes the material a lot easier to stain or paint. It is also pressed under a high temperature, ensuring the density of the material. Thanks to the high density of the material, it is much more difficult for stains to set in medium-density fibreboard. For that reason, you can expect minimal maintenance with a bathroom vanity in medium-density fibreboard.

Medium-density fibreboard is a very smooth material thanks to the unique manufacturing process. When you have a bathroom vanity in medium-density fibreboard, you will not have trouble with abnormalities on the surface of the material. If you like a clean and pristine looking bathroom vanity for your bathroom, medium-density fibreboard is going to be the perfect material.

MDF is also a material that is easy to process, which gives manufacturers a lot of options where the design of bathroom vanities is concerned. On Allure Bathrooms, you will be able to find many bathroom vanities made in medium-density fibreboard, so you can easily find something that works in your modern bathroom.

How Much Storage Space Can I Get from an Envy Bathroom Vanity?
The Envy Bathroom Vanity is available in various sizes on the Allure Bathrooms website. The amount of storage you obtain will depend on the model of bathroom vanity. That being said, all the Envy Bathroom Vanities provide an ample amount of storage space, no matter which bathroom vanity you choose from our catalogue.

To prevent damage to the drawers of your new bathroom vanity, the drawers are equipped with soft closing runners. The soft closing runners on your Envy Bathroom Vanity will prevent the drawers from slamming shut, subsequently preventing any damage to them.

Customers who wish to obtain the largest amount of storage space should obtain the Envy Stone 1200 Vanity. The Envy Stone 1200 Vanity contains three drawers, one cupboard and a dedicated U-scoop to accommodate waste. In conclusion, this bathroom vanity is one of the most functional bathroom vanities in our catalogue.

Can I Obtain More Storage Space for My Bathroom On Allure Bathrooms?
Are you in need of more storage space for your bathroom? Are you always running out of space for your bathroom towels or your bathroom products? No need to worry, because Allure Bathrooms has many storage products in their catalogue.

The additional storage options can be found under the accessories section of our catalogue. Customers can choose between square design, round design, curve design and chunky design. This way, you can easily find some shelves that match the style of your bathroom.

All the shelves on Allure Bathrooms are of superior quality. It does not matter if you obtain one of our round shelves or square shelves, you can always count on superior storage solutions at Allure Bathrooms.

What Other Products Can I Obtain from Allure Bathrooms?
Do you need more than a bathroom vanity? Not a problem, because Allure Bathrooms has a tremendous amount of outstanding tapware, toilets, showers, bathtubs and accessories. All the products on Allure Bathrooms are of superior quality and available for an affordable price. If you want to renovate your bathroom, and want to save money where you can, then getting your products from Allure Bathrooms will be recommended.

In addition to our extensive online catalogue, customers can also visit one of our showrooms. Allure Bathrooms runs a showroom in Dandenong, Collingwood and Mitcham, so there are many locations where you will be able to discover our outstanding products.

Each Allure Bathrooms showroom has a number of bathroom experts; which customers can take advantage of when they visit our showroom. Our bathroom experts have years of experience with bathroom renovations, bathroom builds and bathrooms designs, so one of our experts can definitely help you to obtain the bathroom of your dream!

The Allure Bathrooms showrooms can be visited throughout the week, so you can always find a time that matches your busy schedule. No time to visit our showroom? No need to worry, because all our bathroom products can be obtained from our online catalogue as well!