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Nova White

Nova White

Make Your Bathroom Stand Out with Our Nova Bathroom Vanities!

When you are searching through our bathroom vanities for the perfect bathroom vanity, you will definitely stop to look at our Nova Bathroom Vanities. Our Nova Bathroom Vanities are the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication; so read on to discover what our Nova Bathroom Vanities can offer you!

Showing 13 products

Showing 13 products

What Makes Nova Bathroom Vanities So Special?
The Nova Bathroom Vanities are the true gems of our bathroom vanity collection, since they combine functionality and style perfectly. Whether you like an above counter basin or an integrated basin with a high gloss finish, you will always find a suitable option in our Nova Bathroom Vanity range.

What Material Was Used in the Nova Bathroom Vanities?
All the Nova Bathroom Vanities on Allure Bathrooms were made with medium-density fibreboard. Medium-density fibreboard is an affordable material made from wood residues, which gives the material an environmentally-friendly facet as well.

Medium-density fibreboard is a versatile material and preferred by many manufacturers around the world. Due to the nature of the material, manufacturers can easily process the material into the desired design. Medium-density fibreboard is also easy to paint and stain, allowing the creation of many different styles for your bathroom vanity. When you look at our range of Nova Bathroom Vanities, you will immediately notice just how versatile medium-density fibreboard can be.

Does Medium-Density Fibreboard Provide Benefits for Customers?
We already mentioned some of the benefits medium-density fibreboard can give to manufacturers, but does medium-density fibreboard provide the same amount of benefits to our customers? The answer is yes.

Medium-density fibreboard is created under high pressure and temperature; this delivers a material that is very compact, which does not contain any holes or abnormalities. Because of this, it is incredibly difficult for stains to set into the material. Since our Nova Bathroom Vanity is created from medium-density fibreboard, you can count on the fact that you will not have to do any excessive cleaning with this bathroom vanity.

Another advantage of medium-density fibreboard is closely related to the manufacturing process. Given the fact that medium-density fibreboard is easy to make, does not require any new material, and is easy to process, Allure Bathrooms is able to provide vanities in medium-density fibreboard for a very affordable price. Customers who do not want to spend a tremendous amount of money on their bathroom vanity, and rather spend their money on the tiles of their bathroom, will therefore be very happy with a Nova Bathroom Vanity.

What Materials Were Used for the Benchtops of the Nova Bathroom Vanities?
The benchtops of our Nova Vanities were made from toughened glass. Depending on the model of Nova Vanity, customers can obtain a bathroom vanity with either black toughened glass or white toughened glass.

Toughened glass is also known under the term tempered glass. It is a material that is commonly used in the manufacturing industry, considering how strong and how durable this material is. In addition to its applications in vanities, toughened glass is commonly used in car windows, mobile phones and even bulletproof glass.

Most types of toughened glass are made from annealed glass. During the production process, annealed glass undergoes a so-called ‘thermal tempering process’. During this thermal tempering process, the glass is put through a furnace, which heats the glass to a temperature of 620 degrees Celsius. When the glass has made its way through the furnace, the glass is rapidly cooled with cool air.

In addition to its incredible strength and durability, there are some additional benefits to toughened glass. Tempered glass can be six times as strong as its source material, annealed glass. The strength of the end material does depend on the heating process, which also determines the residual stress in the edge and the surface of the glass.

To ensure premium quality to customers, you will find that the toughened glass benchtop has a thickness of 15 mm. The thickness of the material ensures that the toughened glass benchtop can handle an impact and does not break easily.

What Can You Tell Me About the Storage Capabilities of Nova Vanities?
Each Nova Vanity comes with a sufficient amount of storage. Whether you purchase one of our bigger units or one of our smaller units, the Nova Bathroom Vanity will always provide a lot of storage space for your bathroom.

The design of the Nova Bathroom Vanity was thoroughly evaluated. The manufacturers wanted to create a unique & modern bathroom vanity, but still provide enough storage space to maintain the functionality of the unit. The result was the Nova Bathroom Vanity, which works perfectly in any modern or contemporary bathroom.

Our Nova 1500 Stone White Wall Mount Vanity is the bathroom vanity with the largest amount of storage space. The bathroom vanity has four drawers and two basins, offering customers superior functionality.

Can I Obtain Extras with my Nova Bathroom Vanity?
There are some optional extras available for the Nova Bathroom Vanity, which can be ordered for a small additional cost. If you do not feel like choosing additional tapware for your Nova Bathroom Vanity, you can select our optional extras and receive the matching bathroom mixers, pop-up drainers and a beautiful mirror.

The optional extras are available for all the vanities on Allure Bathrooms. However, the optional extras for each bathroom vanity will look different, because each set of extras was chosen for a specific bathroom vanity.

Customers who want more control over the tapware for their bathroom vanity can also have a look at our tapware catalogue. In our tapware catalogue, customers can choose from a large range of designer taps, which will work amazingly well in combination with your new Nova Bathroom Vanity.

Can I View the Nova Bathroom Vanity in the Showroom?
Customers who wish to view the Nova Bathroom Vanity in one of our showrooms are more than welcome to visit us at one of our showrooms. Allure Bathrooms will be more than happy to welcome you in our Mitcham, Dandenong or Collingwood showroom.