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Nova Glass

Need More Elegance in Your Modern Bathroom? Choose One of Our Nova Glass Bathroom Vanities!

When you need more elegance in your bathroom, one of our bathroom vanities with toughened glass benchtop and high gloss finish will do the trick! Read on to discover our elegant Nova Glass Bathroom Vanities and the benefits they can deliver.

MDF Delivering Affordable Yet Elegant Bathroom Vanities
Customers who had the chance to browse our Nova Glass Bathroom Vanities, will have noticed the affordable price that accompanies these elegant vanities. The reason why Allure Bathrooms can offer these beautiful bathroom vanities for such an affordable price is the material these bathroom vanities are made of, more specifically MDF.

MDF stands for medium-density fibreboard. Medium-density fibreboard is engineered wood that is created from wood fibres. These wood fibres are obtained from hardwood and softwood residuals, eliminating the need for other raw materials.

During the manufacturing process, the wood fibres are combined with wax and resin binder. The mix of materials is then placed under high temperature and pressure, resulting in a material that is much denser than plywood and particle board.

From a High Gloss Finish to Matte Simplicity
Whether you like a bathroom vanity with a high gloss finish or a simple matte bathroom vanity, you will find both in our catalogue containing Nova Glass Vanities. Considering the diversity of modern bathrooms nowadays, Allure Bathrooms wanted to offer vanities that could speak to the personal preferences of all customers. With our range of Nova Glass Vanities, Allure Bathrooms succeeded in doing just that.

Incorporating the Strength of Bulletproof Glass
The benchtop of your bathroom vanity should be incredibly strong, especially when you consider how many times a benchtop will be used over the course of the day. For the Nova Glass Vanities, toughened glass was used. Toughened or tempered glass is also used as bulletproof glass for cars, so Allure Bathrooms is more than happy to provide you with a bathroom vanity with the strength of bulletproof glass.

Toughened glass used for our Nova Vanities can be black or white, depending on the bathroom vanity you choose. Still, no matter which colour benchtop you choose, tempered glass is easy to maintain and does not hold onto stains.

Plenty of Storage Space for Beauty Products or Bathroom Towels
Are you always running out of room for your towels or beauty products in your bathroom? Well, you will not have to struggle with this problem any longer when you obtain one of our Nova Glass Bathroom Vanities.

Each Nova Glass Bathroom Vanity is equipped with large drawers, enabling you to store your beauty products or towels in a convenient and easy-to-reach place. Our largest Nova Glass Bathroom Vanity has four drawers as well as two incorporated bathroom sinks, it does not get more functional than that!

Still, no matter the size of the Nova Glass Bathroom Vanity you want to obtain, you can always count on a premium storage solution. All the drawers of our Nova Glass Bathroom Vanities are equipped with soft closing runners; this means it is impossible to slam the drawers shut and get them damaged.

The Benefits of Toughened Glass Benchtops
We briefly touched on the subject ‘the benefits of toughened glass benchtops’ already, but there is much more to be said about benchtops in toughened glass. In addition to its strength, durability and minimal maintenance requirements, toughened glass can make your small bathroom appear bigger.

Customers with small bathrooms will prefer a Nova Bathroom Vanity with glass benchtop above any other bathroom vanity. No matter the colour of your toughened glass benchtop, glass will always create an extra dimension in your bathroom. The glass on the benchtop of your bathroom vanity will reflect light, subsequently making your bathroom appearing larger than it really is. That being said, the Nova Glass Vanities can still be used in bigger bathrooms, because the class and elegance of these vanities is difficult to miss!

Different Benchtop Materials
Some customers may prefer their benchtop in a stone material. Customers who prefer stone, but really like the design of our Nova Glass Vanities, can get similar vanities from looking at our Nova Stone Vanities collection. The Nova Stone range of Allure Bathrooms is quite similar to our Nova Glass range. However, there is a difference between these two beautiful collections of vanities, more specifically the benchtop material.

All benchtops on the vanities in our Nova Stone range are made from quartz stone. Quartz stone is an engineered stone, which has the look of a natural stone combined with the benefits of a manmade material. If you prefer stone over toughened glass, be sure to pay a visit to this part of our catalogue.

Other Vanities with Glass Benchtops
In addition to our Nova Glass Vanities, customers can find other vanities with toughened glass benchtops on Allure Bathrooms. If you really like the idea of the toughened glass benchtop, but want to explore your options before you commit to one specific bathroom vanity, we can recommend having a look at one of the following vanity collections.

Our range containing Alaska Glass Vanities is more than worth exploring. The Alaska Glass Bathroom Vanity combines the efficiency of traditional storage with the modern feeling of a glass benchtop. The Alaska Glass Vanities are also available in different sizes, so there is a suitable choice for a small, medium and large bathroom.

The Lush Glass Vanities are also worth discovering, especially for customers who like the contrast between black in white. Even though we have pure white vanities with a white benchtop, we also offer white vanities with a benchtop in black toughened glass. In conclusion, our Lush Glass Vanities are bound to appeal to customers with a love for modern contrast.

There are many more vanities with toughened glass benchtops to be discovered on our website. If you cannot get enough of toughened glass benchtops, we recommend having a look at our Bliss and Envy Vanities as well. Customers can also come to our showroom and witness the beauty of these outstanding bathroom vanities!