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Nova Stone

Discover the Benefits of Quartz Stone with our Nova Stone Bathroom Vanities!

Have you always dreamed of owning a bathroom vanity with a natural stone look? No need to dream, because you can get affordable bathroom vanities in quartz stone from Allure Bathrooms!

The Definition of Quartz Stone
Quartz stone is an engineered stone, which means it is a material that is made by man and not by nature. Even though quartz stone is engineered, it still provides the look of a natural stone, but includes the benefits of an engineered stone. In short, it is a win-win material.

All quartz stone is made by combining 90% ground quartz with 8-10% resin, polymer and pigment. The result of this combination of materials is a hard surface material, which can be compared to granite because of its looks and its properties.

Due to the fact that quartz stone is engineered, manufacturers are able to give a different look to quartz depending on the request of kitchen and bathroom supplier. The look of a quartz benchtop or countertop will depend on the manner in which the quartz is ground. For example, if the quartz is ground in a coarse manner, the benchtop will have a flecked appearance. If quartz stone is ground finely, the customer will get a benchtop with a smooth appearance.

More Durable than Granite and Marble
One of the biggest benefits of our Nova Stone Bathroom Vanities is their durability, especially when you consider the fact that quartz stone is more durable than granite or marble. Even though natural stone can look amazing as benchtops on bathroom vanities, they do have a tendency to get damaged more easily.

Bathroom vanities with quartz stone are more durable and this has everything to do with the nature and the properties of quartz stone. Since quartz stone is an engineered stone, manufacturers are able to eliminate some of the disadvantages of natural stones. For example, marble is a stone you need to apply a sealant on from time to time. Quartz stone does not require a sealant, since the material is more resistant to normal cleaning products and common types of damage. The same applies when you compare granite with quartz stone. While granite is a porous material that requires sealing from time to time, quartz stone is quite the opposite. Instead of having to spend more time and money on the maintenance of your benchtop, Allure Bathrooms gives you bathroom vanities with benchtops that require an absolute minimum where maintenance is concerned.

Versatile in Colour and Design
As we briefly mentioned earlier, quartz stone benchtops can have a variety of colours and designs. While marble and granite can only be made into benchtops as the stone appears in the nature, quartz stone allows the manufacturer to add certain colours and styles to the material during the manufacturing process.

The result of the versatility of quartz stone can be seen in our range of bathroom vanities. Instead of having one simple design, quartz stone enabled Allure Bathrooms to offer a variety of bathroom vanities in different designs. Because of this, customers can obtain some amazing vanities from our catalogue.

Easy Maintenance for Nova Stone Vanities
Given the fact that all our Nova Stone Vanities have a benchtop in quartz stone, customers do not have to worry about the maintenance of their new bathroom unit. Similar to the medium-density fibreboard that was used to create the drawers of our Nova Stone Vanities, the quartz stone benchtop ensures easy maintenance for all our customers.

Maintaining a quartz stone benchtop does not require any special knowledge, since you can quickly go over the benchtop with a damp cloth. If you should encounter some stains on the surface of the material, you can use a basic detergent to remove the stain from the surface.

Emulates the Appearance of Marble and Granite
Many customers like the look of natural stones such as marble or granite, but they dislike the amount of care and maintenance that goes into owning a bathroom vanity with a benchtop made from such a material. Fortunately, quartz stone is a material that can successfully emulate the appearance of marble and granite, giving you a bathroom vanity that looks and feels like natural stone.

Just like marble and granite, a bathroom vanity with a quartz stone benchtop will add value to your home. If you are looking into the renovation of a bathroom on a property you own, you really need to consider a bathroom vanity with quartz stone benchtop. Not only is it a cheaper option than granite or marble, it still gives you the effect you are after.

Resistant to Many Types of Damage
The benchtop of a bathroom vanity is probably one of the most commonly used objects in your bathroom. Because of this fact, the benchtop of your vanity needs to be resistant to many types of damage. Fortunately, this is no problem with a material such as quartz stone.

Quartz stone has many benefits where damage resistance is concerned. Benchtops in quartz stone will be scratch resistant, heat resistant, acid resistant and heat resistant. On top of that, you can also count on the fact that quartz stone has a high impact resistance, which means the material will not chip or break when you accidently drop something on the surface.

More Bathroom Vanities with Quartz Stone on Allure Bathrooms
Customers who would love a bathroom vanity with a quartz stone benchtop will have plenty of choice on Allure Bathrooms. In addition to our Nova Stone Vanities, we can also recommend our Alaska Stone Vanities, Lush Stone Vanities and our Envy Vanities. These vanities are all available for an affordable price, so you can upgrade your bathroom for a minimal amount of money.

Not quite sure which bathroom vanity would work best in your modern bathroom? Drop by at one of the Allure Bathrooms showrooms! Our showrooms display all products in our catalogue and you will be able to speak to one of our bathroom experts, who will be more than happy to assist you with any questions and concerns. We hope to see your there!