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ADP Range

ADP Range

Get the Summer in your Bathroom with the ADP Bathroom Vanities!

Do you want your bathroom to light up and give you that relaxing summer feeling? Choose from our incredible ADP range of bathroom vanities, which are bound to deliver the relaxing bathroom vibe you have been looking for!

Showing 1-50 of 63 products

Showing 1-50 of 63 products

Bathroom Vanities with a Personal Touch
Customers who choose one of the bathroom vanities from our ADP range will get the option to personalise their bathroom vanity. When you go on the product description page of our ADP bathroom vanities, you will be able to choose the basin position, the cabinet finish and even the handles for your new bathroom vanity.

Being able to choose the finish of your bathroom vanity is a real treat, because not all bathroom suppliers give you the option to do this. Customers often have to choose from pre-selected bathroom vanities, leaving little room for personalisation.

By choosing one of the ADP bathroom vanities, customers get to choose from popular finishes that can have a textured, satin or silk appearance. Some of the finishes customers can take advantage of are: Licorice, Oyster, Rocco Lini, Amazon Oak, Domain Nuance and many more.

Which Finish Should I Choose for my Bathroom Vanity?
Most customers choose the finish for their bathroom vanity according to their personal preferences. However, there are customers who need a very specific finish for their bathroom vanity, considering the fact that the bathroom vanity must match the style of their new bathroom. For that reason, we have made some recommendations for bathroom vanities below.

Customers who own a bathroom with Scandinavian influences, a style that has become increasingly popular over the past few years, should go for a textured finish. To comply with the Nordic style, we would recommend the Washed Knotty Ash Riven, the Vintage or the Chamois Nuance.

Bathrooms with modern wooden accents can be complemented with a bathroom vanity that has a textured or satin/silk finish. For such bathrooms, the Allure Bathrooms experts recommend the Licorice, Rocco Lini, Amazon Oak, Cherry Riftwood Nuance, Rural Oak Riven or Seasoned Oak Riven.

Ultra-modern bathrooms with a lot of contrast will also benefit from an ADP bathroom vanity. For an ultra-modern bathroom, we can recommend the Black Nuance, Parchment Nuance or Smoked Elm.

Why Are ADP Bathroom Vanities Associated with Summer?
The ADP bathroom vanities are associated with summer because they bring life into your new bathroom. No matter which finish you choose for your ADP bathroom vanity, the ADP bathroom vanity will always give you a relaxing and energised feeling. In other words, the same emotions you experience when the summer season hits.

What Material Was Used for the Benchtop of ADP Bathroom Vanities?
The benchtop of the ADP bathroom vanity is made of European cast marble gloss. European cast marble gloss adds a certain touch of elegance to the bathroom vanity unit, but also adds value to your home. No matter which one of our ADP bathroom vanities you choose, getting a ADP bathroom vanity is definitely a wise investment.

Does the ADP Bathroom Vanity Have Any Optional Extras?
As is the case for most vanities on Allure Bathrooms, the ADP bathroom vanity is accompanied by a number of optional extras. If you want the complete package for your bathroom, you may select our optional extras, which include the accompanying mirror and bathroom mixers.

Customers who would like to choose their own bathroom mixers for the ADP bathroom vanity can do so by heading over to our collection of tapware. From square bathroom mixers to streamlined bathroom mixers, you can find the perfect match on Allure Bathrooms.

How Much Storage Space Does the ADP Bathroom Vanity Have?
The ADP bathroom vanity is accompanied by plenty of storage space, considering the fact that each unit has three large drawers. The drawers have convenient Bevel Grip handles, which hides the handle from plain sight and allows a more streamlined look for your modern bathroom vanity.

Does Allure Bathrooms Provide Similar Vanities in their Range?
Allure Bathrooms is Australia’s specialist where modern vanities are concerned, so customers can find many suitable options in our catalogue. In addition to the ADP bathroom vanity, there are some other vanities we can recommend to our valued customers.

The first bathroom vanity we can recommend, in addition to our ADP bathroom vanity, is the Nova bathroom vanity. The Nova bathroom vanity is available with a toughened glass benchtop and quartz stone benchtop, so customers can choose a material they are most comfortable with. The Nova vanities are available in two different colours and finishes as well, more specifically black and white. Because of the contrast these vanities can deliver, they are the perfect addition to any modern bathroom with contrasting tiles and floor.

Customers who like traditional style, but still want a modern bathroom, can take advantage of our Classic bathroom vanity. The Classic bathroom vanity is available in three sizes and has a benchtop in marble. As you may know, vanities with a marble benchtop add a lot of value to a home. The Classic bathroom vanity is therefore a smart investment for customers who are renovating one of their rental properties.

The vanities in our Bliss range are also worth discovering, since these are some of the most beautiful vanities in Australia. Bliss vanities have a benchtop in black toughened glass as well as a decent amount of storage space. The Bliss bathroom vanity is definitely recommended for small bathrooms, given the fact that the glass benchtop will create the illusion of space.

In addition to the vanities ranges we already mentioned, there are many more bathroom vanities waiting to be discovered in our catalogue and in our showroom. If you wish to experience the quality and beauty of our vanities in real life, be sure to drop by at one of our showrooms in Mitcham, Collingwood or Dandenong. Our experienced and friendly staff is always ready to help and can make some recommendations for your bathroom renovation. So if you find yourself close to one of our showrooms, be sure to drop by!