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Lighten Up Your Bathroom with the Seattle Solid Bathroom Vanities from the ADP Range!

When you need a bathroom vanity that is cheerful, bright and gives you a relaxing vibe, you cannot find much better than our range of Seattle Solid Bathroom Vanities, which are part of the Allure Bathrooms ADP range. Read on to find out more about these gorgeous bathroom vanities!
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Creating a Bathroom with Personality
Customers who are renovating or creating a new bathroom, want their bathroom to reflect their personality. One of the bathroom vanities from the Allure Bathrooms ADP range allows you to do just that, because these bathroom vanities can be personalised according to your personal preferences!

The level of personalisation that accompanies our ADP bathroom vanities is truly remarkable. Customers are able to choose the basin position, the cabinet finish and the handles that will accompany the bathroom vanity in question.

In order to meet the different preferences of our customers, Allure Bathrooms offers a large amount of finishes for the ADP bathroom vanities. Instead of choosing from a range of five cabinet finishes, Allure Bathrooms gives you access to a total of eighteen beautiful finishes!

Available Cabinet Finishes for ADP bathroom vanities
An ADP bathroom vanity can have one of eighteen cabinet finishes. Cabinet finishes available for the ADP bathroom vanity at the moment are: Oyster, Licorice, Rocco Lini, Amazon Oak, Black Nuance, Chamois Nuance, Cherishedwood Riven, Cherry Riftwood Nuance, Concrete Formwood Riven, Domain Nuance, Espresso Ligna Nuance, Palissandro Makassar, Parchment Nuance, Rural Oak Riven, Seasoned Oak Riven, Smoke Elm, Vintage and Washed Knotty Ash Riven. Please note that the available cabinet finishes for the ADP bathroom vanities get updated on a regular basis, so be sure to check in from time to time to discover our new additions.

The cabinet finishes for the ADP bathroom vanity can be textured or satin/silk. By offering both types, customers can find their personal preference and match it to one of the finishes they like. Whether you like a cool, modern bathroom, or a modern bathroom with some wooden accents, our cabinet finishes will complement your bathroom perfectly.

Double Basin for an ADP bathroom vanity
While most customers choose an ADP bathroom vanity with one basin, customers do get the option to add an additional basin to their bathroom vanity. The double basin is a good choice for bathrooms in a commercial building, for example a restaurant or a hotel. That being said, customers with a large bathroom adjacent to their bedroom could prefer a bathroom vanity with two basins, since it makes it a lot easier to share a bathroom.

Accompanying Mixers and Mirror
The ADP bathroom vanity has accompanying mixers and a mirror, which are available as optional extras. Many customers would like to use their own bathroom mixers on the ADP bathroom vanity, simply because their current bathroom mixers are quite valuable or because the customer would like to choose a different type of bathroom mixer. For that reason, Allure Bathrooms keeps tapware and mirrors optional.

Even though customers can get the tapware for their ADP bathroom vanity as an optional extra, customers can also choose the tapware for their bathroom from the tapware catalogue on Allure Bathrooms. In addition to a large range of bathroom vanities, Allure Bathrooms also has a large range of tapware, which includes a variety of functional designs. If you would rather have different mixers for your ADP bathroom vanity, you can always refer to this tapware collection.

A Tremendous Amount of Storage Space
Each ADP bathroom vanity has a tremendous amount of storage space, considering the fact that the bathroom vanity comes with three large drawers. These drawers could be used to store your bathroom towels and beauty products, enabling you to get to all your bathroom essentials quickly.

The drawers of the ADP bathroom vanity have a Bevel Grip finger pull handle; this type of handle is hidden from the exterior appearance of the bathroom vanity. If you are not a big fan of the traditional handle, the handles on this bathroom vanity will be perfect for you.

Benchtop Made in European Cast Marble Gloss
When you need to add some class and sophistication to your bathroom, nothing will be better than a bathroom vanity with a European Cast Marble Gloss benchtop. The European Cast Marble Gloss benchtop adds a little shine to your bathroom unit and provides the elegance you would expect from a modern bathroom vanity. In conclusion, the perfect addition for those who like to wow their friends and family with an amazing looking bathroom.

Wall-Mounted for Easier Maintenance
Customers who are tired of dealing with freestanding bathroom vanities that easily accumulate dirt and grime at the bottom of the vanity, will definitely appreciated the fact that the ADP bathroom vanity is wall-mounted. Instead of having to get on your knees and clean around the bottom of your bathroom vanity, you can easily go underneath the bathroom vanity and avoid these common maintenance problems.

The materials used to create the ADP bathroom vanity ensure easy maintenance of the unit as well. Customers will not need any aggressive cleaning products, nor will they have to scrub the surface of their bathroom vanity. The materials used in the ADP bathroom vanity allow you to clean your bathroom vanity with a simply lint-free cloth and some basic cleaning product.

Find More Amazing Deals on Allure Bathrooms
Customers who are giving their bathroom a full makeover should head over to our online catalogue. In addition to our beautiful range of vanities, you can also count on an affordable range of tapware, toilets, bathtubs, showers and bathroom accessories. The Allure Bathrooms collection is not only suitable for a perfect modern bathroom makeover; it also gives you access to the most affordable modern bathroom products in Australia.

To see all the products in our online catalogue in real life, do not hesitate to visit one of our showrooms in Mitcham, Dandenong or Collingwood. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you with your bathroom purchases.