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Discover Our Most Durable Bathroom Vanities – the Lush Bathroom Vanities!

Our Lush Bathroom Vanities are some of the toughest and most durable bathroom vanities in our range. If you have been looking for a bathroom vanity that is beautiful and built to last, read on to discover your options with our Lush Bathroom Vanities!

Beautiful Benchtops in Toughened Glass and Stone
The Lush Bathroom Vanities in our range can come with a toughened glass benchtop or a quartz stone benchtop. Each of these materials has their own set of benefits, so customers can choose the material with the benefits that suit them the best.

Toughened glass is a strong material that is often implemented in bathroom vanities and bathroom furniture in general. The material is also used for bulletproof car windows, which gives you an idea of how strong this material really is. In addition to its strength, you can also count on the space creating properties of toughened glass, since the reflection of light on the benchtop creates the illusion of space. One of the Lush Bathroom Vanities with a toughened glass benchtop is therefore perfect for small to medium-sized bathrooms.

Customers who like the look of natural stone, but would like something stronger with the same appearance, will prefer one of our Lush Bathroom Vanities with quartz stone benchtop. Quartz stone is a material that greatly resembles natural stones such as granite or marble, but does not have its negative properties.

Quality Benchtops That Are Easy to Maintain
No matter which benchtop you go for, both toughened glass and quartz stone are easy to maintain. Both materials have a natural shine to them, which does not require any special polish.

Any stains that occur on the surface of the benchtop can be removed with a lint-free cloth. However, stains cannot set in the material itself, considering the materials do not contain any holes or crevices where stains can get into.

Easy maintenance is a big plus in this day and age. Most people are too busy to give their bathroom vanity a daily clean, so having a bathroom vanity where such maintenance is not required is definitely a huge benefit for the majority of our customers.

Made from Medium-Density Fibreboard
Medium-density fibreboard is a popular material for bathroom furniture, considering the fact that the material is considerably stronger than plywood and particle board. Medium-density fibreboard is created with wood fibres, which have been obtained from hardwood and softwood residuals.

The production process of medium-density fibreboard guarantees the strength and durability of the material. The wood fibres are added to wax and resin binder, which are then placed under a high pressure and temperature. By putting the material under a large amount of pressure, the manufacturer is able to create a material that can take a considerable amount of punishment.

Material density provides an additional benefit to a bathroom vanity. When a material has a high density, it eliminates the appearance of any holes and crevices. As we described earlier, materials that have holes and crevices allow stains to set. For that reason, it is incredibly difficult for stains to actually penetrate the material and cause lasting damage.

Medium-density fibreboard does not only provide benefits for customers that have a bathroom vanity in this material, because the material is also easy to work with for manufacturers. Medium-density fibreboard is easy to process and caters for easy staining and painting. Because of the fact that manufacturers can easily process medium-density fibreboard, customers can count on affordable bathroom vanities and a world of choice where design is concerned.

Soft Closing Runners for Damage Prevention
Most drawers on a bathroom vanity get damaged from slamming the drawer shut. However, this is not a problem when you own one of our Lush Vanities, because each drawer is equipped with soft closing runners.

Soft closing runners have become a standard in the world of furniture, considering they add a couple of years to their lifespan. Vanities without soft closing runners are not recommended, considering they are a lot less durable than vanities with the soft closing technology.

Various Sizes and Designs Available
Lush Vanities come in various sizes and colours. We have pure white vanities for customers who like a clean look in their bathroom, but also white vanities with a black toughened glass benchtop for those who like a little more contrast.

No matter which size or design you choose from our large range of Lush Vanities, you will always get a bathroom vanity that has plenty of storage space. Even the smallest bathroom vanity has a total of three drawers, which gives you enough room for your bathroom towels and beauty products.

Of course, the size of your bathroom vanity will heavily depend on the amount of space you have available in your bathroom. For small to medium-sized bathrooms, we can recommend the Lush Glass 750, the Lush Glass 900, the Lush Glass 600, the Lush Stone 600, the Lush Stone 750 and the Lush Stone 900. Vanities with a number higher than 900 in the product title are best suited for larger bathrooms. If you have the space for one of these larger units, we can definitely recommend trying one. The large Lush vanities have a tremendous amount of storage space and can handle more than one basin.

Get Familiar with Other Vanities in our Catalogue
The catalogue of Allure Bathrooms is filled with incredible options where vanities are concerned. In addition to our Lush Vanities, we can also recommend having a look at our ADP Vanities, Bliss Vanities, Envy Vanities, Classic Vanities, Alaska Vanities and Nova Vanities.

Allure Bathrooms also has additional bathroom products in their catalogue, which includes tapware, toilets, showers, bathtubs and bathroom accessories. All products in our catalogue are available for an affordable price, so you can save a lot of money by obtaining your new bathroom from our shop.

Customers can also come to our showroom to view our vanities, as well as all the other products that are displayed online. Feel free to drop by and take advantage of the expert advice of our experienced staff.