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Lush Glass

Benefit from the Elegance of Glass of our Lush Glass Bathroom Vanities

When you like a little bit of elegance in your bathroom, one of our Lush Glass Bathroom Vanities will be perfect for you. Discover more about our Lush Glass Bathroom Vanities below and find out just how many benefits they can deliver!

Toughened Glass for the Ultimate Timeless Look
There are not many materials that can stand the test of time. Fortunately, there is one material that can always be counted on when you need a timeless look – glass. On Allure Bathrooms, you can find several bathroom vanities with a toughened glass benchtop. One of these bathroom vanities is the Lush Glass Bathroom Vanity, a beautiful combination of toughened glass and medium-density fibreboard.

Toughened glass is created with a unique manufacturing process. During this manufacturing process, glass is place under a high temperature and pressure. Once the glass has reached the desired temperature, the glass is rapidly cooled with air.

The strength and durability of toughened glass will depend on the temperature and pressure that were used during the manufacturing process. The strongest type of toughened glass can be up to six times more durable than regular glass, which means that it can handle high impact and frequent use. In conclusion, the perfect material for a bathroom vanity benchtop.

Medium-Density Fibreboard for Durability and Longevity
Engineered wood can be the perfect alternative to regular wood, especially when you want to save some money on your bathroom vanities. Medium-density fibreboard is engineered wood and is created with a combination of wood fibres, resin and wax.

When medium-density fibreboard is manufactured, it is placed under a tremendous amount of pressure. Putting the material under pressure results in a much denser material, which makes the material a lot more resistant to stains and makes it easier to give the material a different colour or finish.

The term medium-density fibreboard can be somewhat deceiving in most cases, since some types of medium-density fibreboard actually fall under the high density category. The average medium-density fibreboard has a density of 500 kilograms per cubic metre.

More Storage Space for your Bathroom Towels
Customers who always run out of storage space in their bathroom will love one of our Lush Vanities, considering the fact that a Lush Bathroom Vanity has a minimum of three drawers. The smallest Lush Glass Vanity comes with three large drawers, which give you plenty of space for your bathroom towels. If you would like even more storage space, you can also choose the Lush Glass 1500 Vanity, which has six spacious drawers to take advantage of.

Storage space can be a real problem in the modern bathroom of today. We often accumulate a tremendous amount of beauty products, towels and other bathroom essentials we cannot live without. Even though our Lush Glass Vanities have a good amount of storage space, some customers prefer to obtain more storage solutions for their bathroom.

On Allure Bathrooms, customers can find additional storage solutions that will help to keep your bathroom organised. When you head over to our accessories category, you will find a useful subsection with bathroom shelves. These shelves can have a variety of designs, so customers can easily find a bathroom shelf that works with the interior design of their bathroom.

Black Toughened Glass Vs. White Toughened Glass
As we mentioned briefly earlier, the Lush Glass Vanity can have a benchtop in white toughened glass or black toughened glass. Both glass types have exactly the same properties, which means that white and black toughened glass are equally as strong and durable.

At the end of the day, customers will make their choice according to their personal preference. If you like a bit of contrast, you are more likely to choose a Lush Glass Vanity with black glass, while lovers of white bathroom furniture are more inclined to choose the white toughened glass benchtop.

Optional Mixers and Mirror
When you want the mixers and the mirror that accompany this bathroom vanity as well, you can easily obtain them by selecting the optional extras on the product description. By choosing the optional extras, you will receive the bathroom mixers displayed on the product image, but also a beautiful mirror that will complete the design of your new bathroom.

Allure Bathrooms also has an additional range of tapware, which can be found in our online catalogue and in our showroom. The tapware on Allure Bathrooms is of the highest quality, so we can guarantee that our products are going to last for many years. If you are looking for something durable and beautiful, be sure to select your bathroom mixers from our tapware range.

In addition to bathroom mixers, Allure Bathrooms also offers showerheads, bath spouts, kitchen mixers, laundry tapware and wall-mounted tapware. In short, all the tapware you need for your home!

More Outstanding Products from Allure Bathrooms
Allure Bathrooms is Australia’s bathroom specialist, offering beautiful modern bathroom furniture, accessories and tapware for an amazing price. If you are considering a serious bathroom renovation, you can save a lot of money by getting everything for your bathroom from our catalogue.

In the Allure Bathrooms catalogue, customers can find a large range of vanities, tapware, toilets, showers, bathtubs and all kinds of bathroom accessories. With the affordable bathroom products on Allure Bathrooms, you can easily transform your old bathroom into a modern paradise.

Visit our Showrooms for Professional Advice
Do you need some additional advice before you decide on your new bathroom interior? Why not take advantage of the bathroom experts at the Allure Bathrooms showrooms? Our bathroom experts have a lot of experience with bathroom renovations and interior design. They also are aware of the latest trends and can recommend suitable products from our catalogue.

When you have some spare time to think about your new bathroom, be sure to visit us at our showroom in Dandenong, Collingwood or Mitcham. You can even visit our showrooms during the weekend, so you do not have to take time off work to benefit from our experienced professionals and our large range of bathroom products!