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Nowadays, looking for a trusted manufacturer is a challenge. It is certainly hard to find an exceptional manufacturer that is capable of producing top of the line products especially for kitchen and bathroom faucets. Fortunately, Allure Bathrooms has been serving the public with the best products in the market at reasonable prices. Advance technology is necessary when it comes to kitchen and bathroom faucets. So when selecting products that are highly engineered and innovatively designed, there’s no other place to check but Allure Bathrooms. Allure Bathroom’s Bathtub Wall Mounted Mix Taps are well known for their style and quality.


Allure Bathrooms Bathtub Selection includes:
1. Square Free Standing Bath – A unique style of bathtub wall mounted mixer taps that will give an impact every after use. It comes with a sophisticated style, great features and a warranty too.
2. Square Wall Basin Mixer – A contemporary stylish basin mixer with a European touch.
3. Round Wall Basin Mixer – Soft edges with a clean design, Allure Bathrooms Round Wall Basin Mixer may look simple but its quality and functionality are superb.
4. Square Waterfall Bath Spout – Looking for an edgy styled bath spout? If so, we have the right product for you. Our Square Waterfall Bath Spout resembles the flow of a waterfall making bath time fun.
5. BATSPT03 Round Bath Spout – A rounded style spout, which is simple yet perfect for any bathroom style, whether it’s a contemporary, modern or classic.
6. 6. BATTAP01 Round 1/4 Turn Bath Set – A perfect product at such an affordable price, just only $110.
7. 3 PCS. Bath Set – This set may look daunting but is very easy to install and has a high end look suiting every bathroom.
8. Waterfall Bath Spout – Our Waterfall Bath Spout’s design is simply elegant. Its sleek and elegant design will suit every bathroom.
9. Glass Waterfall Bath Spout – A modern styled spout that is truly unique and fashionable.
10. Square Swivel Bath Spout – A swivel spout that is impressive and high end. At $80, you are guaranteed this bath spout will last longer than other affordable products in the market.
11. Round Swivel Bath Spout – If you want a clean and easy to maintain bath spout, our Round Swivel Bath Spout is highly recommended. It comes with a polished chrome finished with soft curves.


Why Allure Bathrooms bath tub mixer line is a Must Have?
The process of choosing the best and the most appropriate bathtub faucet requires a bit of research and work. This is why you need to check out our large selection of wall mounted bathtub mixer taps to easily find what you are looking for. Products of Allure Bathrooms are a must have as it will guarantee you with a reliable product that will work efficiently and durably regardless if its price. Log on to our website now to browse our collection.