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Designer Bathtubs and Spas

Showing 38 products

Showing 38 products

Cornered Or Recessed Bath Tubs
These are the most commonly installed tub type. This style of the bathtub provides an easy to clean, watertight barrier around the alcove. Recessed bathtubs have commonly wall mounted faucets and are easy to install to accommodate a shower. The recessed bath tubs are an affordable choice for many home builders.

Freestanding/Drop In Tubs
Freestanding tubs can be accommodated anywhere and provide a classic look and versatility to any bathroom. These tubs come in several different styles and are easy to clean.

Slipper Tubs
The slipper tubs have high backs to make sitting more convenient and comfortable.

Platform Tubs
The Platform Tub design is dropped into a platform or sunk into the ground which allows installation in a wide variety of bathroom styles. Platform tubs can be installed almost anywhere and are quite easy to clean up. However platform tubs do require a bit of extra work and investment.