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Modern Bathrooms at the Lowest Prices

About Allure Bathrooms

Bathroom Showrooms in Melbourne

Visit us for to see the best modern bathroom products, or order online

Allure Bathrooms is passionate about bringing the best in quality contemporary bathroom products to Australians at a price they can afford. We have a wide scope of bathroom supplies in Melbourne.
With guaranteed lowest prices and the best in contemporary bathroom design, a walkthrough of our showrooms in Melbourne will be enough to convince you that we have the bathroom supplies you need to give you the refined decor you desire. Come in and talk to us and we will help you bring your bathroom to life.

Allure Bathrooms is one of Australia’s number one supplier of Bathroom vanities and accessories. From a day to day basis, we aim to provide the best possible bathroom products to all our clients. We have a passion for bathrooms and quality, which can always be seen in our beautiful range.

Your Main Supplier for Modern and Contemporary Bathrooms Customers who are already familiar with our range of bathroom vanities and accessories, will have noticed that we provide excellent choices for modern and contemporary bathrooms. Most of our customers currently have a modern or contemporary bathroom, so in order to cater to their needs, we are always on the lookout for some of the best modern and contemporary bathroom vanities and accessories.

Years of Experience When you choose Allure Bathrooms, you also choose a company with plenty of experience. All employees of Allure Bathrooms have experience with bathroom installation and bathroom design, which contributes directly to our customer satisfaction rating. Every customer that visits our showroom or contacts Allure Bathrooms over the telephone, can speak to a professional sales representative. Our representatives can supply you with excellent bathroom design tips and provide you with options for your new bathroom design.

Excellent Showrooms Most customers that want to obtain a new bathroom or some bathroom vanities always want to see their new bathroom vanities or accessories in real life. Fortunately, Allure Bathrooms also has three showrooms in Australia, where customers can view all our bathroom vanities, accessories and so much more. At all our showrooms you can get the professional advice from our sales representatives from Monday to Saturday. Customers who need some bathroom advice on a Sunday can go to our showroom in Dandenong. During the week you are able to visit this showroom from 9 AM to 5 PM. Customers are also welcome on Saturdays from 9.30 AM to 5 PM and on Sundays from 10 AM to 4 PM. The third showroom is located in Mitcham and is also open 7 days a week for your convenience. Always Up To Date The world of bathroom design is always evolving. In order to keep up with the latest developments relating to bathroom design, you can always count on Allure Bathrooms.

Allure Bathrooms is always looking for the latest bathroom vanities and accessories, especially when they work really well in a modern or contemporary bathroom. The quality we provide is also unmatched. All the bathroom vanities provided by Allure Bathrooms are thoroughly tested and evaluated, so that our customers always the best product possible.

Contact Allure Bathrooms Do you need any advice for your new bathroom? Or would you like to speak to someone at our customer service department? Feel free to give us a call! Customers can always talk to someone from our sales staff by calling one of our showrooms. The Dandenong showroom can be reached by calling (03) 9794 9990.

Enjoy plenty of on-site parking at all of our store locations.