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Limestone Freestanding Baths

Limestone Freestanding Baths: Bathtubs You Can't Do Without

Taking a long and warm bath is one of the most stress-reducing activities you can do after a long day. To maximise the experience, you need to get the best bathtubs available out there. A freestanding bath should always be on the top of your shopping list. Not only can you have the best relaxing night lounging in your milk bath, it also serves a good focal point to accentuate the beauty of your bathroom, may it be contemporary or a traditional bathroom.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Freestanding Bath
You need to check the position of your bathroom first. Freestanding baths are usually put as the centrepiece, while the other components work around it. Always keep in mind that the freestanding bath will be positioned away from the wall. You need to give space for other bathroom vanities such as floor standing taps that will be installed beside it.

Another important thing to take note of is the size of the room. Note that it should be proportional with the size of your freestanding bath. Always remember that tall bathroom vanities will work well in a room with high ceilings, while short ones are meant to maximise the space of small bathrooms.

Why is Limestone a Good Material for Bathroom Vanities?
If you are set to purchase your own freestanding bath for your home, Allure Bathrooms gladly offers you bathroom vanities that you will surely fall in love with. The Limestone Freestanding Bath is one of the highly coveted baths by homeowners all over the country. Limestone is widely known for its timeless, rustic and sophisticated appearance. It remains to be one of the most popular stones used for making bathroom vanities. It is also known to have a soothing effect on the skin which makes it a great material for freestanding baths.

If your limestone freestanding bath is properly maintained on a regular basis, it will surely last long and may even outlive the property it stands on. Bathroom vanities like this will definitely be a timeless and classic piece of architecture that further beautifies the design of your home. Fortunately, your search for quality freestanding bath ends here at Allure Bathrooms where we offer world class and budget friendly Limestone Freestanding Bath.

Limestone Freestanding Bath and Other Affordable Bathroom Vanities
If you are looking for a great source of bathroom vanities that you can buy for your home, the Allure Bathrooms is a great place to complete your shopping list. We offer the incredible Limestone Freestanding Bath along with a huge collection of bathroom vanities sold at very affordable prices. When you see our collection, you'll never consider going to another store again.

If you want to know your options for bathroom vanities, you can go online and check the catalogue at our website. You can also personally visit us in one of our branches in Collingwood, Dandenong, or Mitcham. Our bright and friendly staff will be right there waiting to show you around. We are open from Monday to Saturday, 930am to 5pm.