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Fancy Bathroom Accessories: Towel Rails, Cup Holders and More

When you start creating your new modern bathroom, you usually start with bathroom vanities and major plumbing. However, your new bathroom will not be finished without modern bathroom accessories! Fortunately, customers can count on Allure Bathrooms to deliver some of the best bathroom accessories for your bathroom. From towel rails to cup holders, robe hooks and more, we have an outstanding collection of bathroom accessories available online or in one of our Melbourne locations.

Discover them all today!

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What Bathroom Accessories Can I Get from Allure Bathrooms?

Allure Bathrooms provides all the bathroom accessories you need, going from towel racks to robe hooks. Our collection of bathroom accessories is also sturdy and durable, so when you buy from Allure Bathrooms, you can be sure it will be built to last.

Can You Recommend Some Bathroom Accessories?

Given the fact that each product in our bathroom accessories collection has its own advantages, it is really difficult just to recommend a few. However, there are some bathroom accessories that will look absolutely stunning in your new bathroom. Read on to discover what they are!

The first bathroom accessory we want to recommend is the black toilet paper holder. Why? Because the black toilet paper holder will fit a modern bathroom like a tee. All too often you will see stainless steel toilet paper holders or even white plastic. However, to make your bathroom really stand out, you need to pay attention to detail and with the black toilet paper holder that will not be a problem.

Another bathroom accessory we can recommend is the round bathroom shelf. Have you ever found yourself running out of room for towels or even your beauty products? If you have, we can recommend getting one of these round bathroom shelves. Not only can you store some fresh towels on the shelf, you can also hang one from the bottom for immediate use. The design of this round bathroom shelf also works perfectly for a modern or contemporary bathroom style.

One accessory that cannot be missing from your bathroom either is the robe hook. Unfortunately, this accessory is sometimes forgotten during the creation of a new bathroom design. Still, the robe hook is quite multifunctional, since you can hang towels from it as well. We also recommend installing more than one robe hook in your bathroom. You can even spread them out so you always have a towel or robe at hand when you come out of the shower or bath.

Last but not least, the bathroom accessory that needs to be present in every bathroom, the towel rail! Allure Bathrooms has a very nice selection of towel rails for every bathroom size. For example, customers with small bathrooms could opt for a single towel rail, while customers with a larger bathroom could opt for a double towel rail. The possibilities are endless!

Do You Sell Bathroom Vanities?

Customers cannot only count on Allure Bathrooms for bathroom accessories, because we also have a large collection of bathroom vanities to offer. Are you thinking of modernising your entire bathroom? Head over to our bathroom vanities section and discover some amazing choices!

Allure Bathrooms can recommend some bathroom vanities to modernise your bathroom. The first bathroom vanities we can recommend are the bathroom vanities in the Nova Collection. Choose between high-gloss white or black and see how your bathrooms transforms!

Want to see how these bathroom vanities look in real life before you buy? Feel free to visit one of our showrooms in Collingwood, Dandenong or Mitcham!

Can I Call You For More Information About Bathroom Accessories?

Customers who want to know more about our bathroom accessories can always call one of our showrooms, please dial (03) 9419 5282 for our showroom in Collingwood, (03) 9794 9990 for our showroom in Dandenong or (03) 9874 7766 for our showroom in Mitcham.

Alternatively, you can also send us your question through the enquiry form on the contact us page. Allure Bathrooms aims to respond to all questions as soon as possible.