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Nova Glass Top Vanity Makes A Statement

By Allure Bathrooms 17 June 2014 1360 Views No comments

The Perfect Modern Bathroom Vanity

The Nova Glass Top Vanity is one of the most beautiful bathroom vanities in our collection, especially when you intend to use it in a modern bathroom.

The time where only white gloss bathroom vanities were used in modern bathrooms is long but over, since darker bathroom vanities are incredibly popular as well.
Our Nova Glass Top Vanity certainly fits the description of the darker coloured bathroom vanities, so have a closer look at this beautiful bathroom vanity and get one in your bathroom today!

Enough Storage Space

When you are shopping for bathroom vanities, you will need a bathroom vanity with storage space. Fortunately, you will get enough storage space when you opt for the Nova Glass Top Vanity from our bathroom vanities range.

The Nova Glass Top Vanity has a spacious storage unit in the centre of the unit and two smaller storage spaces on the side. So whether you want to store some beauty product or towels, our Nova Glass Top Vanity will never disappoint.

The Elegance of Glass

As the name already indicates, you can also count on a beautiful glass top when you get our Nova Glass Top Vanity. Glass stands for class and elegance and will certainly provide an extra dimension to your bathroom.

Glass also provides the illusion of more space, so if you have a small bathroom we can definitely recommend this particular bathroom vanity. Using this dark bathroom vanity in combination with light coloured walls will create loads of space, even if you feel like it is impossible to make a small bathroom a little more spacious!
In short, the glass top of this bathroom vanity provides plenty of benefits. Also do not forget that these types of bathroom vanities are also incredibly easy to clean. Stains get not chance to settle on the unit and you only need a damp cloth to get rid of any dirt and grime.

More Bathroom Vanities

Allure Bathrooms has a pretty extensive collection of bathroom vanities, so you will find more than just the Nova Glass Top Vanity. For example, do you prefer your bathroom vanity in a different colour? Then be sure to check out our entire catalogue and pick the bathroom vanity that fits your bathroom the best.

If you are not entirely sure which one to pick, we can recommend visiting our showrooms in Collingwood or Dandenong. The Dandenong showroom is available every day of the week and our other showroom from Monday to Saturday.

Contact Us for More Information

Do you have any other questions about the Nova Glass Top Vanity? Feel free to call our customer support team at (03) 9419 5282 or (03) 9794 9990. You can also ask your question through the enquiry form on the contact us page.

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