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Scandinavian Style in Your Bathroom

By Allure Bathrooms 11 August 2016 7293 Views No comments

Scandinavian Style in Your Bathroom

First it was Ikea, then it was in every new cafe and now it’s your bathroom. Yes, Australia’s love affair with Scandinavian style continues and for good reason. Soothing, neutral colours, clean lines and minimal fuss. What’s not to like?

It’s no surprise that Scandinavian style is popular in the bathroom too. After all, Nordics liken bathing to a sacred ritual and have been soaking in forrest wood saunas since the 15th century. These sparse, wood saunas are filled with soft colours that reflect ambient light to soothe the mind and body. Using these and other traditional Scandinavian design principles will have a calming, natural effect on your modern bathroom.

Neutral Colouring

Light reflecting colours like bright white and blonde wood, give Scandinavian bathrooms that clean, cozy feel. Neutral colours also serve to make a bathroom feel bigger than it really is. Using these lighter colours as the dominant theme, enhance bolder items like dark wood vanities or plant life.

Let the light in

Natural light plays a big role creating an airy, bright atmosphere. Just as traditional Scandinavian bathrooms were designed to bring people closer to nature, modern Scandinavian style has the same effect. Installing skylights or windows with minimal treatments are a great way to create serenity in your bathroom and save on your power bill too!

Less is more

The power of Scandinavian design lies in its simplicity. Minimal clutter, clean lines and aesthetically pleasing, functionality is at the heart of a Scandinavian bathroom. The bathroom is the perfect place to be bold with dominant whites and contrasting blacks, browns with minimal colour. Space should be maximised to create a sense of tranquility, ensuring every piece counts both for its use and design.

In true Scandinavian style it is with minimal effort that you can create a fashionable, yet functional haven in your bathroom. Without breaking the bank or your back with renovations, just a few small style changes can give your bathroom the breath of fresh Nordic air it needs.

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